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one last tour??


Ozzy will go on until he can not go on, as he has already tried retirement and found that it sucks. Ok he may slow the pace, BUT I think that we have many more years of OZZY!

Long live the Prince of Darkness

Long may he reign supreme

Number 1

Ozzy must come to Greece now that he has a greek guitarist.

King Ozzy

Yeah, i am from denmark - and PLEASE come here again! :D

- Or just in Europe!!

Please do as Newboe said, come to Denmark:! :D

I love you ozzy!

Belt Buckle Girl

Come to Denmark Ozzy!!! Please, we love you and your music!

We want to Ozzy in Slovakia... :( OZZY IS THE BEEEEST

Why hasn´t Ozzy been in Slovakia yet?

Me too, brilliant idea...hoping Ozz comes to Russia.....

oh me tooooooooo, I can't wait, I'd like so much to see Ozzy on concert in Paris !!! Or I could go to London, I don't care :)