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Ozzfest 2010 Lineup is NO GOOD!!!

Motley crue sucks and they are NOT METAL, just an old washed up band, Halford is an old fart too!!! I'm VERY sad about this lineup what a let down, after waiting SOOOO Long!! OZZY your management team is way out of touch with your fans tastes and wishes, a better lineup would have included Stonesour and Slash and White chapel and Trivium and Cannibal Corpse just to name a few good band off the top of my head. i would rather have BLS on the main stage instead of moldy, i mean motley. also i thought you would play more than one gig in california. F southern cali. what about the Bay Area Ozzy, your book was great man!! but this ozzfest 2010 is no good, i suggest a new management team that knows what yer fans want to see live. God Bless U anyway OZZ. take care and keep on rockin!! PS. when is yer next book comin out? I will buy it for sure. Peace.and Happiness to u my friend!!!


Hey, for those of us who are going, it's going to be a great time. In the sun, surrounded by fellow metalheads, rocking out to great music, hearing bands play for freaking hours on end, topping off our afternoon with BLS and Drowning Pool, winding into a night on the main stage with Halford and Ozzy F#CK!NG Osbourne.

If I had to say how I want to spend my day and night, this is one of them. I want to spend ALL of my time listening to great music and enjoying being around others who have that same love pumping in their veins.

While I might not know of nor care about some of these bands Blasko is bringing to the stage, many people do know them and have appreciation for that style of music. It's not my cuppa but okay, I can roll with things.

You know, I went to Vegoose several years ago knowing some of the bands but not many of the others. And guess what? I heard Mastadon for the first time live and was blown away, they were very good even though I did not know a single song they sang. And Michael Franti & Spearhead, I would never have heard his music if I hadn't had an open mind and went to the fest to see him along with Muse and Rage.

Same thing for a couple Ozzfests. I didn't know Hatebreed, nor Atreyu, nor many of the other bands, but by heading in through the gates I got exposed to talented bands out there on the market that ROCK. As much if not more fun to watch than bands I "know" because they bring me a new talent I'd never have had enter my reality otherwise.

It's all about rolling with the flow, followin' what comes. Seeing the good s*** along with the bad. Nothing I have ever seen at an Ozzfest is "bad."

Now on the radio, well, that's a whole different story.

your full of s***

your full of s***

your full of s***

<strong> It's not bad… </strong>
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Hey!!! MMM, Don't lump me with "you people in America."

I love Ozzy.

And, Malo, it's not Maiden, it's Priest. And not Disturbed but Drowning Pool. All 4 very different bands.

I think there will be a very fun time regardless. The music is tight even if I have to hear Cookie Cookie Cookie voices for five bands. Seems to be the thing today. So, for those bands I won't be up front, but rather watching from the back, enjoying the fantastic day out with all my fellow music fans.

And when the sun goes down?

I'll be rocking with FREAKING OZZY OSBOURNE and? YOU WON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

You people in America have Ozzfest each year and you have got used to seeing Ozzy and you think it's nothing important and you start whining about other bands.....Well some of us that have never seen him would pay a million just to see him play one song.....you don't appreciate what you have...who cares about the other bands? Go watch Ozzy!

King Ozzy

I was gonna go but with my dad but then we saw the lineup...Halford isn't even with Iron Maiden so who gives a crap. BLS might be good Ozzy will kick ass I saw Distubed they sucked and the Crue sucks now.


Maybe i'll see the Ozzman solo after all it is a 18 month tour.

"Let's Go Crazy!"


i am driving across state lines for most of a day (one there, one back). i didn't get an Ozzfest per se. it's as cheap for someone to fly in2 the states as it is for me to drive it. so what'cha saying? are you coming to the San B show?

i agree, rob halford is the sh!tz.

i don't think sharon gave a crap about the festival this year to be honest. she seems like she doesn't care much about Ozzy related things now that she thinks she has her own star shining in the sky. makes you wonder where her heart lies...ya know?

I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

im not happy bout the crew. seen them last summer w/ godsmack & they blew. & i like old crew but thats the truth they blew. mayb the rust is off & itll b better this time. & um stupidhead . . . . his wife Sharon IS his management team. really dum dum

luv OZZY! /; > LUV him

Sorry, but Stonesour and Slash don't even come close to Rob Halford. Rob is the METAL GOD!

Many people who go to Ozzfest have been an Ozzy fan since the Sabbath days. Motley is a band most of us remember and I'm looking forward to seeing them. Do they belong on Ozzfest? I would say no, but there's no changing the line-up now.

At least u got an Ozzfest... Whiners..

his management team is Sharon.

i wasn't ecstatic that San Bernadino is the only west coast site either. wtf?

Ozzfest started in Phoenix.