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Ozz's 60th anniversary

<em>Happy 60th anniversary, Mr. Osbourne. Health, happiness, thankfullness, admiration and love of your fans be with You forever. Great rocker with a great career - You inspire millions....Don't stop rockin (as You sing in one of the songs- I don't wanna stop).... especially wishing further creative and personal successes....let music inspiration not leave you....Best wishes to You and your family!</em> HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Many happy returns, Great Ozz!
With regards
Dark spirit


Happy birthday god of rock

Here's to all the health, wealth, happiness and long years you deserve Ozzy, cos no-one deserves it more than you. Thankyou for all you've given us fans, *so much* and what is in store for the next few years! We all love you, keep rockin forever and have a great birthday...you're only as old as you feel!! (ie 21 inside!!) Thankyou for an amazing life so far.

Peace and Love

You're my religion, you're my reason to live.
You are the heaven in my hell.
We've been together for a long long time,
And i just can't live without you.
No matter what you do, i'm here for you......

Happy Birthday love! Here's to many more! *cheers*


Happy 60th Birthday from the Fifer's in Bellingham, WA. Keep on Rocking! We love you!

Best Wishes!

Happy Happy Happy Day... :)

Wish You Everything The best Live Can Bring!!

P.S. My Dady, (Your Big Fan Since hi was a Kid) Also Wish You A Great Birthday! :D

IThey say I worship the devil
They must be stupid or blind
I just listen to Ozzy !

Happy birthday OZZY! You´re a living legend! Now it´s time to play Blizzard Of Ozz , Bark At The Moon and The Ultimate Sin albums all day long! Greetings from Finland! Hope to see you in Europe soon!

Happy Birthday Oz :)

happy birthday, ozzy...



happy birthday father.....i love you

come back to brazil now

Happy Birthday Ozzy!!!!

We're waiting for you here in Brazil again!!!

Long Live Ozzy!

Happy birthday Ozzy

Happy Birthday, Ozzy. Have a great day with friends and family.
My best wishes to a great musician, a great man and a huge inspiration for us all.
Love always.

DEAREST OZZY !!! WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! MANY HAPPY RETURNS !! You've accompanied me through years (21 out of my 31), your face looked at me from my walls, your name I wrote on as many places as stars in heaven, your songs aroused rapture in my soul. I remember the Soviet years back then, when every album we could get was a great luck, a new dicovery and experience. 60 years is nothing. It's just the beginning :))) MANY HAPPY YEARS ! You live for us and you surely deserve the greatest possible admiration and respect. HAILS FROM ALL ARMENIAN FANS: our guitar man Arthur the Sabbath, bass Vahe and drummer David the Coffin !! We gonna drink today !!
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