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Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard Of Ozz Tour 82 DVD *New*

I found this on U.K retail site play.com. Its.. Ozzy Osbourne: Blizzard Of Ozz Tour 82 DVD and i was wondering if any of you guy's know if it's an official release?

I remember Ozzy saying on twitter early on in the year saying he was watching never before seen footage from the Randy Rhoads era.. And he will be releasing it on dvd later in the year. I was thinking this is it.

Here's the link: http://www.play.com/Music/MusicDVD/4-/14123026/Ozzy-Osbourne-Blizzard-Of-Ozz-Tour-82/Product.html#



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I wonder if Ozzy knows that they have pre-orders of Scream too? and, will it be available the same date worldwide?

bad@ss! I'm preordering my copy. never can have too many Ozzy video's. although it must have been a horrible time in his life. :o(. i will really look forward to hearing about the release with Ozzy and Randy, that footage will be beautiful, I just know it. ~* RR, you were a beautiful soul.

According to a recent article with Slash regarding Ozzy's song on his album, this DVD is legitimate. The article mentions it at the bottom of the page. This confuses me though because months ago Ozzy said that there would be a RANDY concert released... Hmm... oh well, I will still be getting this! (:


Thanks for the help!

I was doing some research and found that the dvd i found and the dvd you mentioned has a couple of different songs in the setlist and with this dvd it comes as a dvd/live c.d combo with a 20 page reproduction program. It could be just a reissue of the one you are talking about though.

It's out in the U.K around May and apparently around June in the US.

Hey RR18,
I'm a member of several Randy Rhoads boards and we did a thorough search on that DVD. It turns out that it is a Diary Of A Madman show with Brad Gillis on guitar. It was therefore recorded after Randy died. Lots of interesting things are still going to happen this year in the Randy Rhoads camp. Stay tuned...