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Ozzy retiring after two more albums

Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that he will make two more albums then draw the curtain on his music career.

Speaking to USA Today, the Black Sabbath rocker admitted that the LPs may take some time as he is struggling to master the music software he intended to use to record the new material.

He said: "I am recording another album soon. I've got a ProTools machine downstairs in my house now, I record from home now. I can't turn the f***ing thing on. It's like the brain of the house.

"But when you have somebody who knows what they are doing, it's so easy to make records now, it's not even funny. The art of making records is somewhat diminishing. It's taking the passion out of it. But I will try to give it as much real me as I can."

He added: "I want to make two albums. Make one and go out on that one, and make another one and go out on that. Time is very valuable to me now. I'm 60 this December. It doesn't seem ten years since I was 50, it really doesn't. My mission now is to do as much as I can."




Ohhh nooo this is sooo sad :( I'd like so much to see him at a concert ! Ozzy, please come to France for your next tour !

It doesn't mean he has to make 3 records. It just means that his record label has to be with Sony until the contract ends (3 albums) or he retires.

Sharon said Ozzy signed a contract for three more albums. I can't wait until next year for the first of the three!

Ozzy retiring.....
yahhhhh riiiight...
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Welcome Ruben!!!! very nice post

Ozzy do what Ozzy does, if he does 2 more albums, HELL YEAH !. If he wants to retire, be my guest, only thing i hope in my life is that i get to see you live one more time playing Your own music and not Sabbath.

Last time i saw you on stage with Sabbath i cried when you entered the stage, and hope you have a great life, do well, and that your family also gets along well.

God bless you Ozzy, love you to bits.

ha i do not think ozzy will draw the curtain on his music career. becuase he had said that before in the past sepeacily for the ture (No more tures tours) or something like that. he has said that in the past and what are the names of the new albums comeing out? i saw him on you toube talking about him not being happy with. The album (the altimut sin) . i figer he might do a remake. well if he decides to retier good wishis to him

I know that. Obviously 2 albums aren't going to be released this year...

I don't think so. Iommi is working with Dio, new album, tours

I hope to god one of them is with Black Sabbath.

why I may be happy to hear that there will be two CDs, it rips my heart out to hear that there are and will be only two more ever. Ozz is my life and my world. I would just die without him. My only hope now is that when he ever needs a home help aid that they will hire me. Oh Ozz, why do you rip at my heart so? Don't you realize how much a fan cannot fucntion without you.
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I guess I made you twice
You look inside my other,
He'll give you bad advice
I will tell I'm OK,
But deep inside I'm afraid"

-Ozzy Osbourne-

he deserves it. he's given us many amazing and life changing albums. but im anxiously waiting the next two!!!

im running fast but getting nowhere.
i see the light but i never get there.

The darkest
I didn't know and always had question in my head: Will Ozz release new albums. I was hoping and now here I see the citation that says that The Great and Terrible is planning two albums. I am f...ing so glad. Yes Ozz is 60 and time is running but f...ing time, damn it, won't overpower our Ozz. Ozz
I'm quite impatient to hold Ozzy's new album in my hands. You know, man, it is something like my dream now.
Yea, Great Oz deserves his piece of rest after all that he got through. But to be honest I'd like Ozzy making music as long as he feels he can.
Ozzy kicks f....ing ass

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I've listened to fools
I've watched all the dropouts
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im happy with that...thats very fair....goddamnit if anyone deserves a happy retirement it's Ozz! thankyou for the music and what magic will come...

You're my religion, you're my reason to live.
You are the heaven in my hell.
We've been together for a long long time,
And i just can't live without you.
No matter what you do, i'm here for you......

lleewwiiss told us In this forum that Ozzy signed a contract with Sony for three more albums so????

Oh Ozzy... I'm really waiting for those albums, and really Like that you just wont give up! it great! :) Your great! But i think, you earned a gut rest after such a great career ! :)

IThey say I worship the devil
They must be stupid or blind
I just listen to Ozzy !