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special request

I hope this gets to Ozzy somehow. My friend is 39 yrs old, and just learned that he has pancreas and liver cancer. He sent me on a mission. Find out where OZZY plays, and we will go. I don't know how long he will live, but if Ozzy Osbourne plays one show, somewhere, he wants to see him before he dies.




I'm hoping that there is another Ozzfest. My son beat cancer & my husband & I promised him that we'd take him to the next Concert. He's growing his mohawk back now, just for Ozzfest.....

Omg. Dude im so sorry . I wish he still played. I here he's done. Me and my father dreamed of going to ozzfest. I hope he has one again in United States. We'd fly anywhere. Ozzy is the best ever. No one beats him.