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now on the great all powerful Oz's forum kid joe's stairway to heaven video idea;it starts in a room which looks like the cover of dairy of a madman because apparently the song was written after a seance in about 15 min. and that is how the video will the seance will be zep and the wizard.
i believe zep went to that seance to contact Aliester Crowley,hoping that Mr.Crowlry would decifer the page in the book of the law,which contain the verses written my him .the story goes who ever decifers these verses will become the next messiah.
the room will have an enlarge table in the center of the room.on the table will be the book of the law,tarot cards and a crystal ball.above the arch of the door is a clock striking midnight
(the hands form an upside down cross),the page on the will have the 4 zep symbols (one in each corner) and the tree of life in the center.the seance begins with the opening of the book.the group re sites
the verses , then forms a circle holding hands while the wizard calls on mister crowley.
the video starts with sounds of a storm brewing in the background ,the clock strikes midnite and the wizard opens the book.after the wizard calls on mister crowley a strong wind blows the door open causing the pages of the book to shuffle and the tarot cards to tumble over exposing the hermit card.
the candles above the table are blown out,a bright light eliminating from inside the crystal ball lightens up the room,exposing a jack in the box in a dust storm within the ball.the handle of the box starts to turn, the song begins


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