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Strangest Ozzy Video You've Ever Seen...

What is the strangest Ozzy music vid you've ver seen. For it's I Just Want You.


Hey, your camera (if it was your shots) was bad@ss, truth be told. You have talent, I thought it was extremely well done in places. Though a few times you lost control with the panning, that doesn't mean all of it stunk by any means. I'd keep at it, ~ :o).

I made comments about the way bands and Ozzy dress down because I get frigging bored of seeing them onstage looking so NOT like a star. I want to be blown away by shiny gorgeous satin shirts, metal boots, the leggings, the whole thing.

Pls forgive me... That was my first try out on video editing.. I improved a lot since.... the work was not make easy due to different video quality and size....
the pro shot version is on tape city!! ( DVD9 !!)
I just wanted with this little project of mine to bring the full show and not pieces of it.. hope you like d it


Well, it opened up to a Metallica / Ozzy video. I like the intro with James Hetfield, a nice touch I haven't seen in a video before. The constant changing and panning - at times out of focus? Not cool. But some very good shots of the stage and musicians. Damn, it just reminds me how much glitz there is anymore when bands are onstage. Whatever happened to a simple stage. Makes me think of people on uppers or something, the intensity of everything. It's a bit overboard, don't you think? (Not your cuts, just the whole lighting and constant camera on the band).

I miss the stage that's all decked out thematically, and the simplicity of a rockstar dressed in theatrical flair. How boring Metallica looks. Ozzy. You know? Why don't they step out of the "hey, I'm just average joe grunging out" and BE ROCKSTARS.

Yes I did but a serious one.....

What do you think of it???

Well that's the one that started the topic, and it's all right I guess. I think if you open up the links on his video contest where fans could make a video there were some funny things there.

I hope he does that again this time around with some of his songs. I'd love to take a stab at making a music video. There are some people that just seem to have the talent, and others who really try but don't cut the muster. I don't know which I am cuz I've never made one yet. LOL.

Have you?

how about this one??

Humm.. ozzy and coal chamber over pirate of the carabean is quiet interresting.....
Still DOM video rules!!!

cool zazafromjohor, I posted that on my Facebook :o)

Don't think it touches the Diary clip, but this one is still pretty weird.

I think I can beat you...

Diary of a madman clip......