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Hello !

you most come to Sweden Please !
You should came to sweden fore a few year ago but you never came because of the accident whid your four whells drive motor cycle so plaese come now, the Swedish people wait on you..........
I see you in Stockholm 1984 in Monsters of rock.... Yamma


HI all ! And hail to Ozzy, True heavy metal and Sweden !

I live in south of france. I ll visit stockholm (any metal recommandations ??? bars ? shops ?) and sweden in september. And i d like to attend the Ozzy Show.

Do you think it might me sold out ? do i need to buy my tix from france according to you ? (and thus pay extra charge...)
the globe arena seems to be a HUGE place but i know metal is so big in sweden...


BosnianSabbath94, take a look at "blocket" if there are any tickets for a good price, Usually they are pretty expensive at the black market.

I wonder how mutch the tickets cost.

In hope I can go and see Ozzy in Globen, for me it's pretty difficult because I live in Norrköping and I don't know which of my friends will follow me.
But I can't wait, I have never been on a concert seeing Ozzy so I hope I will get any tickets.

He's coming and I just can't wait!!!

Anyone who knows anything about the supportband?

How can I get tickets faster, I've got to see him again! Saw him for a few years ago. Absolutly fantastic. Anybody know anything about "first-to-the-barrier" passes to Globen? :)

He is coming 7 september to globen, I got my tickets today !! :)