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Thank You Tony Iommy and to ALL of your Rock Music f...

Wasn't I supposed to leave "I" out? Oh well, not right now. And no new music material, not until I can be proficient with my music (electric guitar) talent.

But this is what I'm thankful for: Putting words and musical notes on sheet music.

1) In my Ozzy's profile, about last January, I put in " Market-Driven Guitar Riffs." That is what I am going to practice on when I am not trading stocks on the internet do to market volatility or emotional things going on at home.

2) I talked about that when I went down to to re-take my Forex class, last March. In April - May I see and still do "Learn How to be a Market-Driven Trader" on their web site !

3) Last week I thought if I get rid of some of the books I bought for a $1 (Union Management/Labor, Leadership stuff) from the used book sections of the libraries, I can install a walking machine to burn calories with out going to the gym. I FIND A BOOK I BOUGHT CALLED "MARKET DRIVEN MANAGEMENT" Prescription for Survival in a Turbulent World !!! Hahahaha

I even made sure I wrote an extra Incident Report at my employment day job this last weekend.

So now next time I go to Carson City, Nevada to take some pictures of the Carson City Hot Springs I know what to look for in Government/Corporate fraud and/or letting people be un-educated so the rich can get richer (You know what I mean) in regards to making "War Pig" songs. And it's not just "War Pigs." Any music genra.

Your my favorite !!


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