O.K. everyone. Do you have an album title so great and memorable that it screams to be heard? Well, Ozzy was so overwhelmed by your title suggestions that it made him want to scream. In fact, that will be the title for his upcoming album: "SCREAM." Great effort everyone. Looks like Anthony (161) was the closest to a title Ozzy was reallly looking for. I want to thank you for all your hard effort. I'm sure Ozzy deeply appreciates it. ~David Labay

Some of the titles on some tracks off the album now include:

Diggin' Me Down
Soul Sucka
Let It Die
Let Me Hear You Scream

Excellent Titles Everyone!!!
I'm so proud of this amazing fan base. You drive Ozzy insane!!
SCREAM is great title I must admit...

Other suggestions included:

1) Reawakening (Ozzmanfan)
3) deity in black (Scapegoat67)
4) Down the cross (Scapegoat67)
5) From the Cross (Scapegoat67)
6) !SOUL SUCKA! (moralesgonzalezr)
7) OZZNOIDIUM (gimpnoid)
8) GO CRAZY! (Lorn)
9) Beyond the Grave (f_darkbladeus)
10) Darkness Falls (f_darkbladeus)
11) Ars Goetia (f_darkbladeus)
12) Out of the Evil’s Soul (JustSid)
13) 11th Hour (BrianStanton)
14) Depth of Darkness (barnhart1198)
15) Dig Me Down (Countess Fey)
16) Prison Of Ozz (Wizard Of Ozz)
17) Speed Of Ozz (Wizzard Of Ozz)
18) CROWNED BE THE KING (gimpnoid)
19) full metal jacket (gimpnoid)
20) take that blade and shove it (gimpnoid)
21) ozzmantrium (gimpnoid)
22) ozzrequium (gimpnoid)
23) Walking on water (Scapegoat67)
24) Crimson tongue (Scapegoat67)
25) Unsaved Souls (reggie0214)
26) Chained Souls (reggie1214)
27) Crucifix Souls (reggie1214)
28) Crucifix (reggie1214)
29) Insidious by Nature (toadfish99)
30) OZZBOMINATION (toadfish99)
31) Ozzy and Chariot (ventrico)
32) Bullnuts (ventrico)
33) calm before the storm (ventrico)
34) Let us Pray (ventrico)
35) Souvlaki (ventrico)
36) tales from a dyslexic bastard (ventrico)
37) Darkness Falls on the Lobotomy of a Pigeon (kingangel71)
38) Heaven From Below (kingangel71)
39) Shadow of the Grimm (Halestonez)
40) Train Ride to Hell (hotrodsporty)
41) The Unsettled Schizophrenic Wraith (hotrodsporty)
42) The Soul Takers Revenge (hotrodsporty)
43) Master of Ozz (hotrodsporty)
44) Into The Darkness (alyss)
45) Cant See The Light (alyss)
46) Call of the Reeper (armes87)
47) Crimson Tongue (Scapegoat67)
48) RIP their guts out! (toadfish99)
49) CROSS MY HEART (glen0848)
50) Tredding The Impossible (666_Friday13_666)
51) Black Heaven (Kmilosfu)
52) Labyrinth of Madness (luckozzy)
53) Tears of the fallen (luckyozzy)
54) Mind Mirrors (luckozzy)
55) Ozzmaniac (gimpnoid)
56) planet ozz (gimpnoid)
57) Necromancer (madozzyfan)
58) Dark Desires (madozzyfan)
59) Bring it On (madozzyfan)
60) From The Grave (madozzyfan)
61) Through My Eyes (madozzyfan)
62) Reap It Up (madozzyfan)
63) Enlightenment (madozzyfan)
64) Shadow Dancer (madozzyfan)
65) Save Our Souls (S.O.S) (madozzyfan)
66) Reflections of the Mirror (MEGATRON)
67) Shadows of Heaven (MEGATRON)
68) The Devil Cried Blues (MEGATRON)
69) Victim of the Crow (MEGATRON)
70) Darkness Reigns (RR-ElectricAngel)
71) SLAVE TO THE MASSES (gimpnoid)
72) HIGHER PURPOSE (gimpnoid)
75) FOR THE LOVE OF METAL (gimpnoid)
77) Hemorrhoids from Hell: A Greek Love Story (ventrico)
78) tainted blood (ventrico)
79) the Raven (ventrico)
80) Forgive me Father... (ventrico)
81) Ball of Redemption (ventrico)
82) Nature of the Beast (mikenobles)
83) Cross of Gold Heart of Steel (mikenobles)
84) The Beast in me (mikenobles)
85) Root of All Evil (mikenobles)
86) Cadaver Smile (mikenobles)
87) Fatal Overture (mikenobles)
88) Evil Reigns (mikenobles)
89) Un-Chained Beast (mikenobles)
90) Power of the Beast (mikenobles)
91) Evil Overture (mikenobles)
92) Rhapsody of Evil (mikenobles)
93) Unholy Union (mikenobles)
94) Rhapsody of Oz (mikenobles)
95) Overture 10 (mikenobles)
96) In My Blood (mikenobles)
97) It’s In My Blood (mikenobles)
98) Until I Die (mikenobles)
99) Beast of Destiny (mikenobles)
100) What I’ve Sewn I Reap (mikenobles)
101) Vol-10 (mikenobles)
102) Ultra Violent (mikenobles)
103) Shadow of the Beast (mikenobles)
104) Shadows of the Beast (mikenobles)
105) Reign of Ozz (mikenobles)
106) Lord and Lady (ventrico)
107) Prelude to Opus (ventrico)
108) Echoes Across the Ocean (ventrico)
109) Their all in my head (666_Friday13_666)
110) Outside the crowd (666_Friday13_666)
111) kicked out of heaven (666_Friday13_666)
112) best friends with the devil (666_Friday13_666)
113) Soul stealer (666_Friday13_666)
114) Redemption Of Ozz (Tiago_Ozzy)
115) Ozz, The Great (Tiago_Ozzy)
116) Better Than Ever (Tiago_Ozzy)
117) WINE (Tiago_Ozzy)
118) Self-Destruct Nation (star69)
119) Mr. Self-Destruct (star69)
120) Ozzy Saves (star69)
121) Ozzgasm (star69)
122) BulldOzzer (star69)
123) Lost In The Ozzone (star69)
124) Lamb To Slaughter (star69)
125) Death Knocks To Your Door (star69)
126) Addicted To Death (star69)
127) Sinner In Slippers (star69)
128) Evil Wears Slippers (star69)
129) Prince Of Darkness (RR-ElectricAngel)
130) O.Z. (abbrev for Ozzy’s 10th solo album) (RR-ElectricAngel)
131) Michael John (rupturedaneurysm)
132) Fade to Black (rupturedaneurysm)
133) Time (rupturedaneurysm)
134) Time Warp (rupturedaneurysm)
135) Timeless (rupturedaneurysm)
136) Priceless (rupturedaneurysm)
137) Classical Ozz (rupturedaneurysm)
138) Resurrection (RecDiesel8)
139) The Devil in Me (Pynefx)
141) The End Is the Beginning (Carvar1343)
142) The Years (Carvar1343)
143) The Redemption (Carvar1343)
144) Ozzy Zig Has a Gig (Carvar1343)
145) Death is a New Life (Carvar1343)
146) Leave It (Carvar1343)
147) 16 Lodge Rode (Carvar1343)
148) THE MAN (zig1972)
149) Eternal Damnation (RR-ElectricAngel)
150) Sacrify My Soul (luckyozzy)
151) Eternal Madness (luckyozzy)
152) Ozz The Riper (luckyozzy)
153) Voices Calling (luckyozzy)
154) More Than Meet The Ozz (luckyozzy)
155) Kneel The Sinner (luckyozzy)
156) Black Shadows (luckyozzy)
157) Mad Black Blood (luckyozzy)
158) The Call Of The Lost (luckyozzy)
159) The Devil's Miracle (luckyozzy)
160) Reaping the Blizzard (Wildhair)
161) Screaming on the inside (Anthony)
162) Loner Town (Anthony)
163) Before i go (Anthony)
164) I'd just like to say (Anthony)
165) Covering Things Up (Anthony)
166) KRaNk (Anthony)
167) Dead On the inside Burning on the out (I Love You Ozzy)
168) Just before i go (I Love You Ozzy)
169) Shattered glass (I Love You Ozzy)
170) Bloody Rain (I Love You Ozzy)


hey! Did you guys see Ozzy’s new video for ‘Let Me Hear You Scream’? You can watch it here:

hey! Did you guys see Ozzy’s new video for ‘Let Me Hear You Scream’? You can watch it here:

Thanks. I appreciate that. I don't seem to be the only one. I got a message from another fan in the same situation. Hopefully, they read their messages in the SEND US FEEDBACK box. It was hard enought to try and find the message boards. The font is so small that you almost overlook it even when it's right in front of you.


:o). RREA, they are making changes to the site. It's a mess, and has been for a long time - dare we hope for a real webmaster and moderator?

nothing wrong with gathering the names fans would imagine for an album. I would think Ozz if he ever did read it might get some ideas for titles of songs. who knows!

Since I have been banished from beginning any new threads in either the Ozzy Discussions, Off Topic, or other parts of the forum "You are unauthorized...", I wanted to make a public apology to all the fans, and especially to Sharon and Ozzy here at

I began this thread as a way to get the fans involved and excited about the new Ozzy record. I never had any intention of monopolizing the board space for a single topic. I didn't know what to do with all of the titles so I just put them up so everyone could see them. I thought if Ozzy saw them he would know how much the fans really cared about his new record. My thought was that this allowed the fans to be involved in their own way. The goal was to simply inspire a great title, not name the album. I made that perfectly clear in my original post. SCREAM is Ozzy's choice. It's simple, elegant, and straight to the point. It's what fans can easily identify with. None of us live in a vacuum. We are always bumping into ideas from outside sources. That is what makes great art. It should always seek the most from the outside world. Ever seen art inspired from living solely on the Moon. I bet it would be pretty boring.

There's nothing worse than censorship. We live in America where we can speak out mind about anything. Granted, we may put our foot in our mouth, but that is just human nature. Perhaps I crossed that line in "taking control" over a single thread. I knew the thread would be soon forgotten due to it's nature. I had no idea it was perceived as trying to tell anyone what they should or should not do. Hell, my parents can't do that and it drives them crazy. Everyone makes up their own mind. Ozzy watches documentaries. Don't they send out ideas which could eventually perculate into an album someday? Anyway, I have spoken too much again. By the way, thank you very much for the future release of Randy Rhoads footage. I wouldn't be teaching or playing guitar if he had not inspired me to pick it up over 20 years ago. Thanks for listening...

~David Labay

Just checked out youtube and Yep another corker from the Prince of Darkness. BRING ON THE ALBULM

Number 1

That would be awesome if he did return to the Classic Logo. I saw that on the video at the end and wondered that as well...

Is the classic Ozzy Osbourne logo in clouds the album art that will be used, does anyone know? Nice n classy.

You're my religion, you're my reason to live.
You are the heaven in my hell.
We've been together for a long long time,
And i just can't live without you.
No matter what you do, i'm here for you......

Ace, go Scream!
\m/ (o_O)\m/

You're my religion, you're my reason to live.
You are the heaven in my hell.
We've been together for a long long time,
And i just can't live without you.
No matter what you do, i'm here for you......

For those who are blocked. Use this:

SCREAM is the title for Ozzy's new album. Go to this link:

Here are the other great alternative titles for an Ozzy album.

171) Only Human (I Love You Ozzy)
172) Never Look Back (RR-ElectricAngel)
173) Revolutionary Ozz (ozzfan99)
174) nto The Darkness (ozzfan99)
175) EVIL BASTARDS (sixxguy)
176) Tears Dont Wait (ozzfan99)
177) iraq can kill us all (ozzfan99)
178) I dont want to stop (ozzfan99)
179) wicked ghosts from the dark (Sabbra-sabbra)
180) Sharon’s Prince (TreeClimbingMan)
181) Growl At Mars (TreeClimbingMan)
182) Ozzmess (TreeClimbingMan)
183) Lollipop Sucker (TreeClimbingMan)
184) Insane Subway (TreeClimbingMan)
185) Wizard Of Blizzard (dentistpete)
186) On Her Majesty's Secret Disservice (ventrico)
187) OUT OF THE DARKNESS (crazycraigar)
188) OZZY (j8kester)
189) Ozzone (MultiMiracleMan)

My suggestion is that he names it "Ozzone"....reminds me of albums like Ozzmosis...and I've noticed that there are some here that blame the case you missed it Ozzy's new guitarist is Greek so if you are a real Ozzy fan then you should be saying the best things about Greeks right now...if you don't then you should pray not to cross a Greek cause he'll beat the hell out of you,we are very violent when it comes to stuff like that.
King Ozzy

Soul f***ing Sucka!

† Coolstreaky †

I would suggest -


Simple - Tells All - and comes at you straight and forward.


On Her Majesty's Secret Disservice

† Coolstreaky †

wicked ghosts from the dark

sixx gunn guyy

I honestly can't argue with that, RR-Angel!

You're my religion, you're my reason to live.
You are the heaven in my hell.
We've been together for a long long time,
And i just can't live without you.
No matter what you do, i'm here for you......

"Ozzy zig"d

Into The Darkness should be the name

"Ozzy zig"

How about
Revulotnary Ozz?

"Ozzy zig"

Never Look Back

I never said I was a "gateway" to Ozzy. The only gateway I know of is this website. When Ozzy announced that he was going to give his fans a list of titles to judge I thought Ozzy should know what "kind" of titles you wanted to see. The list we choose from should already have the right vibe. They should be a reflection of what we expect from a title. With the titles you have suggested so far he probably won't call his album "Lollipops and Gumdrops." Why? because there is NOTHING on this list that gives him that direction. And that is what all of these titles bring to the table; your sense of attitude and emotion.

I don't know when he will put his list out but he has already indicated that he will use this site to display them. If you think Ozzy created his website as a clever way of ignoring you than why would any fan of Ozzy listen for updates, write blogs, or give fan reviews on this website? This IS the official fan base website. There is not some other website that Ozzy goes to for better feedback that I am not aware of. Remember that Ozzy has over 65 million fans worldwide. That is a lot of real estate to cover. Ozzy travels daily. He performs, signs autographs and writes new material all in the same breath. If he doesn't go online personally I'm sure he has hired someone that will give him updates on all things fan related. That is why Ozzy got this site up and running. So fans could give him feedback. Put it this way, if Ozzy wasn't listening to you he wouldn't have changed the name of his album. Be patient. The album is set to be released this July. Titles must be finalized a few months before the time of their release.

While one would think this is not an exercise in futility, who exactly is RR_ElectricAngel and who said he is the gateway to getting ANYTHING to Ozzy, especially something like fan suggestions for an album. Right. Just a bucket of cold water to sober things up. Not that it's not a good effort, just one that seems a bit forced, if you ask me, and nobody has, I'll admit that.

Mother please forgive them
For they know not what they do
Looking back in history's books
It seems it's nothing new
Heaven is for heroes
And hell is full of fools

Is there a deadline that a new title has to be chosen by? And has Ozz actually read this list yet?

You're my religion, you're my reason to live.
You are the heaven in my hell.
We've been together for a long long time,
And i just can't live without you.
No matter what you do, i'm here for you......

From Beneath

Reaping the Blizzard


Sacrify My Soul
Eternal Madness
Ozz The Riper
Voices Calling
More Than Meet The Ozz
Kneel The Sinner
Black Shadows
Mad Black Blood
The Call Of The Lost
The Devil's Miracle

Eternal Damnation

The End Is the Beging
The Years
The Redmeption
Ozzy Zig Has a Gig
Death is a New Life
Leave It
16 Lodge Rode

If it was Ozzy's last then i would say for laughs put the inverted cross from his 1st album (Black Sabbith) by the way I Am Ozzy was an awsome book.

_nlm -_- mln_


The Devil in Me

The Devil in Me

Here is what I think the album should be called.

Ozzy Osbourne "Resurrection"

thanx rapture ,,im glad you like it,,and i think its a great title,,lets hope ozzy comes here and has a look at what we the fans have to say

a picture of ozzy arm wrestling the devil at the bottom YOU LOSE !

I love the CD title "For the Love of Metal" by a fan on this sight named gimpnold, terrific-just
what I was feeling about it!
Ozzy and Sharon fan forever

My choice for the latest Ozzy CD could be:

Michael John
Fade to Black
Time Warp
Classical Ozz
Ozzy and Sharon fan forever

130 Titles and going strong!! Great work everyone. (Especially those that really put a lot of effort into their lists).

Darkness, evil, beast... f*ck that! Everyone knows that Ozzy IS a Prince of Darkness and he doesn't need to call his album like this anymore. I think Soul Sucka is quite good title, but here are my propositions:

Self-Destruct Nation or Mr. Self-Destruct

Ozzy Saves - this one is great and has been with Ozzy for some years, I don't know why he didn't entitled album like this



Lost In The Ozzone

Lamb To Slaughter

Death Knocks To Your Door

Addicted To Death

Sinner In Slippers, or if you really want something 'scary' - Evil Wears Slippers

Redemption Of Ozz. Sounds like Blizzard of Ozz and it´s so great. Listen to us OZZY!!!!
Or Masterpiece of Ozz or Ozz, The Great or Better Than Ever or WINE!! Wine - Gets better when it´s older hehe!

OZZY - The King of Rock!

'Their all in my head'
'Outside the crowd'
'kicked out of heaven'
'best friends with the devil'
'Soul stealer'

Echoes Across the Ocean

Prelude to Opus

Lord and Lady

c,mon ventrico ,,why blame the greeks ha ha ha ha ha every nations people can get them ha ha ha


Hemorrhoids from Hell: A Greek Love Story

tainted blood