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The Tarbys and The Strawberries

The Tarbys are a race of mutants who live on the Tarby planet with the king Jooingham. Some have came to our world, and have shaped part of my life, so I owe them a forum topic on the Ozzy Osbourne website. They have their own bizzare language which I am learning. The (newly found) word for Ozzy Osbourne is Oshfilafa Oshbourne. So far I know a few words, such as 'Bushca Bushca' Meaning 'No more buiscuits'. Some come to our planet for peace, some come out of couriosity. On their own planet, they are battling The Gyros, The Banjoes, The Boodoos and The Ugga Boogas. The Ugga Booga King, Jimmies, is on earth for safetey, as is The Tarby King, and I am his loyal servant. I must warn you, if you do not obey Jooingham, you get 1 point on your Tarby Licence. If you get 10 points, you go to the Pit of Turd.


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