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Theme for the next CD & videos

G'day Ozzy,

I've loved all your music through the years. I wanted to toss a couple ideas your way to hopefully inspire a possible theme for the next CD.

The books by author Acharya S/D.M. Murdock on ancient mythology of the sun, moon, stars, constellations has certainly been an inspiration for me so, I thought I'd share some of that with you. I'll share a couple articles/excerpts and a couple short videos based on her work. I share it because it reminds me of the lyrics from "I don't know" off of Blizzard of Oz.

Astrotheology of the Ancients


Acharya S videos

Zeitgeist The Movie Part 1, largely based on the work by Acharya S

The eternal message is simply, so-long as the SUN continues to rise every morning, and is born again or resurrected 3 days after the winter solstice (the darkest day of the year) every year, there will always be everlasting life on planet earth. Not eternal life for me, not for you, but through your kids & their kids, life continues on.

I have read all of Acharya's books and find them absolutely fantastic and inspirational. I would love to see Ozzy inspired by her work and find an interesting way of working it in as a type of theme for the next new CD and videos, in the way that only Ozzy can.



; )


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