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ticket stub wanted

Hi, I'm from Australia and I saw Ozzy play in Brisbane, Queensland back in 1997 (I think it was '97). It was easily the best show I have seen and I have seen a few bands here, (Megadeth are a very close second!). I have kept all of my ticket stubs from the concerts I've been to but Ozzy's was destroyed the night of the show. It was in my top pocket and because I couldn't stop myself from headbanging and jumping around the place I sweated so much it destroyed the ticket. So if anyone out there has a ticket stub they can send my way so I can add it to my collection I would very much appreciate it. After all, this is of great historical importance! My address here is 64 Staff Street, Jarrahdale, Western Australia, 6124 and my email is ratakan27@hotmail.com if anyone wishes to contact me. I have tried to get one here but it seems impossible so I will settle for a stub from anywhere just so I can fill that empty space where Ozzy should be. I hope I'm not asking for too much. Thanks and may the legacy of Ozzy live on forever!!!


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