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WANTED! OZZFEST 2009 Backstage Passe(s)

I am in need of 3 Ozzfest Backstage Passes, I know what your thinking, " No Official Tour Date Set", never too early to search, Any Ideas? Oh, I am from New Mexico!!! L8r.


I agree with craziness on that subject. Because if you get them they cost you $$$. For me to purchase some if ever I could I would have to work alot of overtime and I don't see me doing that in the near future with the resession and all. lol. I would love to meet Ozzy one time but oh well. He inspires me to write some world peace songs. His black rain and war pigs. Very visual songs. I hope you have luck in getting them. Nos482

im offering you my luk :) cuz many fans wouldnt give them for their lives :)

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