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Why Ozzy should come to Israel-co exsisting

This is an article which was translated to English from the Israeli site "YNET"

Doctors in Israeli hospital help an Arab woman in labor. there is a chance of peace and there is some co existing between Jewish and Arabs! respects those people and don't let music go in to politics!
Original artical witch pictures here-

Miriam's life Agbriia ‭, (30) ‬ suffered a rare complication and dangerous childbirth, and the life of my little son, born Achshachbel cord around his neck, saved at the last minute.

Arrived four days ago in Agbriia delivery room - the hospital Wolfson ‭ week 38 - ‬ pregnancy. During the last tests her water broke and she was sent to her room. A few hours later doctors noticed the fetus's heartbeat slowed down and decided to perform an urgent Caesarean section to save his life. Is the Future agreed to undergo the operation, but suddenly felt ill. She told doctors that she could not breathe - and lost consciousness.

Prof. Abraham Golan, director of women give birth at home - Wolfson Hospital, Prof. Tibi Ezri, director of the anesthesiology department, Dr. Limor Gorcyak rushed to take her into surgery to save her life and the baby. When they started to analyze it turned out that this is a double problem: the baby out Achshachbel cord around his neck, and suffered from Amniotic Fluid Embolism who risked his life.

"The crew had saved them." The couple Agerbeiah after birth (Photo: Dana Kopel)

Baby on a respirator and recovered. The mother's situation was more difficult. 'The meaning of amniotic fluid embolism is amniotic fluid material from the blood and causes pollution ‭ "‬ yesterday explained Prof Golan. "Death rates of women in such cases are high, and if unable to save the woman, usually have no choice but to amputation of the uterus ‭." ‬

But in the case of Agbriia doctors also managed to save her life and avoid

Hysterectomy. "It was feared she was bleeding into the stomach, so Ahatlbetenu if you analyze it again ‭" ‬ said Prof Golan. "We decided not to analyze but to continue to give her a blood anticoagulant. So we were able to rescue her and also her ‭ the womb." ‬

Yesterday was transferred Agbriia intensive care in the maternity ward, where it will remain a few days for observation. "Thank God ‭" ‬ said yesterday the new father worked Allatip, "thanks to all staff of all departments and doctors who treated my wife my son and saved them ‭." ‬

Director - the hospital, Dr. Yitzhak Berlowitz, "a woman's chances of surviving after such an event are low. The team's vigilance and cooperation of doctors, nurses and the anesthesiologists allowed to save her life. "


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