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Your Favorite Guitarists

I have noticed a lot of comments lately trying to put Gus G down. It's terrible that you'd even say something like that, as he is a wonderful guitar player, and I doubt half of you can even play.

I have created this topic to discuss which of Ozzy's guitarists is your favorite (discuss other favorite guitarists, as well, if you so desire):

-Randy Rhoads: Ozzy's first guitarists for his solo career; A revolutionary guitarist ahead of his time who especially did well with the freedom of a live performance
---Career w/ Ozzy ended March 19, 1982 due to his death in a plane crash

-Jake E. Lee: An excellent guitarist especially well-known for performing with bands such as Ratt and Dio (R.I.P. Ronney)
---Career w/ Ozzy ended 1987 because he quit due to his belief the Tribute album was a waste of time

-Zakk Wylde: Career with Ozzy spanned longer than any other player; A great guitarist capable of playing many musical moods and a good friend of Ozzy's
---Career ended w/ Ozzy 2009 because he wished to quit to spend time with his own band and take care of his recently-discovered blood clots

-Gus G: A great guitarist and member of Firewind; He has so far proven himself a worthy guitarist for Osbourne with excellent riffs and short solos in every song, each vary greatly showing his capability to play many styles of music

Personally, Randy is my favorite, and I was born over 13 years after his death! He was an amazing, revolutionary guitarist, and I especially love the songs released on the Tribute album. He was a good guy and one of Ozzy's closest friends, and he literally learned something new for the guitar in every city he went to. If he was still alive today, he would undoubtedly be viewed as the greatest guitarist living today, or ever, for that matter (Sorry, Eddie van Halen, but I honestly believe he was much better than you--that could just be my opinion, though).


Ozzy has featured all of these guitarists: Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads, Brad Gills, Jake E. Lee, Steve Vai, Alex Skolnick, Joe Holmes, Jerry Cantrell, Bernie Tormé, and Gus G.

My vote is for Steve Vai. The man is amazing. I love Randy Rhoads too :-)

I loved Jakes guitar solos and intro riffs. Whether it was just a coincidence that my favorite songs came from his era, I'll never know. He has my vote as number one. I can't tell how Gus is doing because he never really had his moment in the spotlight on Scream, neither did Zach on Black Rain. As for Randy, he'll go down as a god.

You have to give GUS G a chance, he is filling in some BIG SHOES....

Randy Rhoads (Ozzy)
Zakk Wylde (BLS/Ozzy)
Andy Thomas (Hover (awesome 13/14 year old band!)
Tony Iommi (Sabbath)
Synyster Gates (A7X)
Kirk Hammett (Metallica)
Cliff Burton (bass) (Metallica)
Dimebag Darrell (Pantera)

Randy Rhoads was deffinetly my fav guitarist. I brought Ozzy's tribute CD. I'd never heard such a good version of crazy train.

Randy Rhoads was deffinetly my fav guitarist. I brought Ozzy's tribute CD. I'd never heard such a good version of crazy train.

well obviously randy but i must confess i think ozzy's next album will be as close to blizzard and diary than any of his solo albums. this gus g is fantastic his style barely comes thru on scream cause he didn't compose anything but the solos and may have touched up a few riffs here and there but he had to play what was given to him. gus is a complete guitar player and i think his tone is very much suited to ozzy even more than jake and zakk. plus this drummer is the new lee kerslake. he is from another planet. kerslake's drumming on those 1st 2 solo albums was thunderous. blasko's bass is great and this keyboardist is wicked. i wish gus was picked up earlier by ozz.

Me too MMM!
Yes, this is an old topic but I can't resist..
I do love them!!!! they are the reason why I am a metal-lady

i have put my list in another thread ,,and in a few months this topic will arise again as it has in the past ,,

Man it took me hours to find the forums on the new site! The greatest guitarist for me was Jimi Hendrix....after him come all of Ozzy's guitarists....but I support Gus G a little more because he is Greek just like he is an inspiration as I can see that since he started from here and managed to get to America and become well known then I can do it as well...

If you look at my Avatar the choice is rather obvious. Randy inspired me to become a guitar teacher. When I listen to Randy's lessons online I smile because I have exactly the same experiences he had 30 years ago. I find myself repeating the same observations and encouraging my students to push themselves to be the best they can be. This will be the best year for Randy thanks to Ozzy and Sharon. New footage, original remasters, you just couldn't say thank you enough to them both. I am always rooting for Ozzy even if it is without Randy.

P.S. Gus is an outstanding player. He played on Jimmy Kimmel (Shot In The Dark)just yesterday . It was virtually flawless. Great job Gus. You are the man now...

I am sure I replied here!
Favourite Guitarists…
1. Randy Rhoads
2. Tony Iommi
3. Iron Maiden guy
5. Zakk Wyld
6. Kirk Hammet
7. Dime
In no particular order.