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Zakk health update

Zakk posted the following messages on twitter:
Hey Berserker's & Berserkett's hope all is Kick-Ass with all our Black Label Families!!!!! Here's the current Update on The Gayness!!!!!about 8 hours ago from TwitterFon
9.1.09- I spent 3 day's in a hospital in Eugene Oregon where they gave me a 24 hour drip of Heparin where they could monitor me.about 8 hours ago from TwitterFon
The next 2 day's I recieved shot's of Heparin into my stomach. Each shot lasted 24 hrs.I was given a ct scan where they found 3 clot's.about 7 hours ago from TwitterFon
I was then told each one of the clot's passed through my heart.I just recieved an left leg has a clot above the side & behindabout 7 hours ago from TwitterFon
My calf & running into my heel.My right leg has a clot in between my calf & ankle.In a couple of day's I'll have another CT scanabout 7 hours ago from TwitterFon
To see how my lung's are doing.on the brighter side of Black Label they shaved off 4 inche's from my LOVE CANNON so Barbaranne won't beabout 7 hours ago from TwitterFon
Be in such excruciating pain as I HAMMER & PLOUGH MY LOVE into her THOR STYLE !!!!!!!! Aside of that all is peachy keen !!!!!!!about 7 hours ago from TwitterFon
To all the BLS chapter's & our BLACK LABEL FAMILIES WORLDWIDE THANK'S FOR ALL THE PRAYER'S & GET WELL'S !!! GOD BLESS... SDMF LOVE ZAKKabout 7 hours ago from TwitterFon
Looks very serious. I think it take a while until he's back on the track again.
Take your time Zakk. Get well soon.


My favorite Uncle that Graduated in Civil Engineering at U. Nevada-Reno in "72 passed away from a blood clot from a broken ankle, about 6 years ago. He was up in Eureeka, Cal. working for Caltrans. He was 8 years older than me and once told me I wouldn't "say" that about The Ventures (private) 1972-73-74. Even thou he was a baseball guy from high school and as coach took a womens softball team from Las Vegas to the National Championship, back in the '90s, he played computer games all the time, chewed tobaco, drank beer.

I was just watching C-Span book tv (Gov and biz stuff, some culture) and a book about 5 lies of Capitalism. 3 is missing 1) Capitalism is on the march! India, China, Russia. 2) Wealth Creation is a reality - "Rich getting Richer, Poor getting Poorer". Stuff like that.

So: BLACK LABEL HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT CAPITOLISM not GROUPISM, but some NICHE! I will never change my mind! I havn't touched a drop, except for O'doules once in a while. for 11 years now.

I havn't practiced my guitar's for 11 weeks now. Did Jan - Sept. 09 first time in my life. I need a year and a half (I guess) , for some things in my life to get clear-out.

But I'm very interested in paying musicians to help me make a song or song(s) , which would be a cd's worth. Only 6-7 song(s), okay I've just got solid info Music - Labels like 11 - 12.

Anybody got an idea on what you think how a song should start out like? 2 - 4 measures.

I was just wondering if Marrie Osmond and maybe Donny, doing the same, right now.

I actually got to say hello to her while she was promoting at the Flamingo-Harras casino with hundrreds of people all around.

Com'on Zack, I know your going to have a good day tomorrow and the next.


thank you LD


Zakk is fine. Being busy as ever. There's always something going on. He and his wife are posting pics and news on twitter all the time. If someone is interested please go there and have a look yourself cause theres too much going on.

Get well soon Zack!

How is he now?

Number 1

thanks again :o)

Another spammer on the list. I bring my post up again.

Fabulous interview with Zakk on on his Ozzy split, his health and the future to read or listen to.
Zakk is a great guy and I'm glad he's well and working.

I think its good that he takes it with humor.

an interesting picture. i'm just not all that into drinking anymore, the stuff taken to it's extremes can kill ya. but thanks LD. he looks like he's feeling better :o)

ha ha ha haha pub closed ha ha ha ha ha


New pic from Zakk.
The best ever hahahahaha:

yep 3 cheers


i just watched Jack's impression with Lola's face of a nuclear blast...he is SUCH a hilarious guy, his sense of humor reminds me of my son Gabe, big time! gosh you gotta love the guy. and i for one am so proud of what he's doing today with sobriety and his own career. 3 cheers for Jack! :o).

yeah cool pic,,you go for it lola


I assume the studio is built in his house. i think they said so on the website.
Heres a pic from Lola that Jack posted recently:

hey! thanks...that is cool, a studio in his own house I am assuming? i'm glad to hear that he is doing okay, i got very worried to hear what was happening to his health, that is scary stuff. Zakk will be back on Hallows Eve, how fitting :-) he's a bad@ss guitarist, and that is for DAMN sure ~* and a cute picture with his dog, it made me think of Jack's Lola actually. with a casket guitar no less...the big Viking lunk. when I saw him at Ozzfest he totally reminded me of one, he's gorgeous.

Not much time for the forum this weekend and everythings seems to be upside down.
Zakk is fine, still not drinking and he should be on stage at halloween.
Hes getting a studio and her are pictures of it under construction:

And heres a new pic. its quite funny, check it out:

you've made some pretty awesome metal sculptures gimp ~* very cool. and LD, how is Zakk doing? any news?

all addictions are addictions and i have a very addictive personality,, these days its not fueled with drugs but with family and art and metal,arh s*** metal has always been a constant for me ha ha ha ha


i'm talking about chemical addiction to drugs or alcohol. i think productive passions are not quite along the same vein ... unless they become destructive to your brain, organs, heart, and health. i think we can experience feeling close to God when in realms of intensity - when i studied math i'd walk out into the world after intense sessions and everything was surreal, bizarre - the relationship to math was ap- and trans- parent.

well depends on what a person thinks addiction is -- personally i think addiction takes many forms ,i think my art is a addiction ,and when doing something arty- all the whole world rolls thru my head ,me thinking this and me thinking that- usually the out come when the end of a artwork is complete ,i think wow i am truly a god-- hey i could be just up myself as well ha ha ha ha but its a true progression not just of thoughts but of images and of music and myths and gods n beasts-- the whole culmination of the absurb is set free in my mind-- and i think im not alone in my way of thinking i think alot of people do this no matter what there field of expertness ha ha ha or wether bein drunk or stoned--its amazing how some thoughts of people will never be known because they dont want to be burned by other peoples ideas of what some may say is normal-- i say let it all hang out --throw the chains of society aside - break that closet- tell people whats on your mind ha ha ha ha and so became the gimpnoid


yea-p. illusions of being God or Jesus or super spiritually enlightened, that takes some real spinning of the web. addiction when it's highly progressed makes that happen. i have been paranoid within a super panic attack once or twice from too much caffeine and not enough sleep though...and in hindsight the tales i can spin inside (greatly upsetting myself with my own nightmares as only i know best) got pretty fantastic (heh heh)...

and? can't say i haven't wanted not to be just a small plastic boat in the big ocean once or twice...wishing i was powerful in a spot i feel powerless is not the same i wouldn't think. rather it's just a non-violent way to release anger.

well i reckon everybody has had one of those days where they wish they wernt the little piss-ant, being trodden over,and clean sober or smashed i just rckon weve all had those days


the only time i've ever seen a guy think he's Jesus or God is when this one guy i know is drunk as a skunk and stoned. truth is he is nothing like either. when you are sober, and he is not? he's lame actually. i think he likes to spin illusions around himself and fantasies because he is unhappy with who he is.

and i have not ever felt like i was a spiritual diety or entity, i've always (drunk and sober) been aware of who i am and the clear galaxies between me and them.

hey after eating spinach i dont feel like popeye,,i usually feel like i want a women --hey but whateva roks ya boat ha ha ha ha ha


That's so funny Gimp. I can't say that I have ever felt that way. After eating spinach I didn't feel like Popeye !

Have women ever felt like Jesus or God at one point or another? What color would your cape be?



"Life's a journey, not a destination"

i think every guy thinks there super man or god or jesus at one stage of there life ,,but if that guy does think he's one of those he shouldnt tell a shrink ha ha ha ha ha ha ha --and thats a long story ,,so no


I saw the superman cape. That was a joke because Barbi was posting last week that he thought one day he was superman and she that couldnt even blame the beer cause hes not drinking. Just huge amounts of coffee :-)

glad to see him - and what is up with the Superman cape picture with the shadow linked in the same picture set? did you see that LD?

so me you n 82 will now have to drink for zakk too,,oh well i guess i can oblidge him ha ha ha ha ha


Zakk is not drinking beer at the moment thats for sure. He was in a comic shop yesterday with Hendrix and posted a pic. good to see him smiling:
and another one:

i'm very glad to hear that he is doing all right. maybe he needs to slow the partying down - drink some healthy drinks aside of mead, the big Viking lunk!

thanx LD


Sorry, not enough time at the moment. Too much work.
Zakk is getting a lot better.
This is his latest post on twitter:
"Going the f*** to a Monster Cable and epiphone photo shoot tomorrow for the Halloween show and GD guitar launch"

i guess
I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

hey LD you got any latest on zakk


does anyone have an update?

:o( this is so very sad news, I am so worried about him OMG. i really hope he makes it through this all right. Damn, that is scary stuff, specially if the clots have already passed through his heart? wow. thanks for the update, I just don't do twitter or any of those kinds of pages, they annoy the s*** out of me.


I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

i still pray and hoping he has a speedy recovery,,, and love the thor style,,you go zakk,,, ha ha ha ha ha thor style ha ha ha ha ha ha