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Zakk out of the band

Just heard some news Zakk wylde is being replaced. is this true?


hey! sorry scape, i dropped the ball with our conversation...honestly plumb forgot we were discussing this.

LD, Ozzy says "Zakk has a rare blood disease..." - that would be reflective of the clots that have gone throughout his system i guess.

Ozzy had already said half of what he said here - i guess this was so that everyone will know that he doesn't wish Zakk badly (doik ... but given the angle the press gave things in their evil need to make dirty laundry, and soap opera climaxes, i can see it was a good move). When will the media go back to reporting objectively what is happening that is newsworthy. i get so disgusted, i don't even pay for television anymore. i rent movies.

and hey, i got an email about concerts that can be live-streamed in - Creed is featured coming up, I think this is going to be HOT. i can't always fly another state away to see someone, but would for damn sure pay half the price to be there to see them on my computer!

I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

Ozzy said a few words about his departement from Zakk and its true Zakk doesnt need Ozzy for his career.

Really hon you don't get the association with Rizzo and Rhoads? To me I link Rizzo and Rhoads and Holmes together in the sense that they all play scales like a mofo. Granite Rizzo doesn't do it so much in a neo classical way, but what he does is in many ways very similar. And one liking anyone of them over another I concur is all about taste...



<strong>Ozzy:</strong><cite>"I have no regrets except that I wasn't up to keep Randy (Rhoads) from getting on that plane." (Ozzy Osbourne, Guitar World Issue 37, 2000)

agree with everything except Rizzo. i just don't see the fit honestly. but different takes on different musicians, that's what makes the world go round and records sell.

I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

I am ok with Zakk not being Ozzy's guitarist, don't get me wrong who ever fills Zakk's shoes has a big job ahead of them, but a change sounds good to me. Plus Zakk has BLS, and has well proven he doesn't need Ozzy in order to be in the lime light anymore, in other words BLS have a huge cult following, and they are extremely loyal.

So Zakk will be just fine, and Ozzy will also benefit from the change I think, new blood is sometimes what it takes to get back into the grove and with keeping things fresh and relevant...

Oh and for what its worth I use to talk just like you musicfan1234, that is until I really went and listened to all of BLS, then I changed my mind about Zakk. Don't get me wrong I like yourself go for the guitar players that can & do rip scales out their ass, such as Randy, or Joe did, and another guy to watch for is Marc Rizzo, now this boy can rip it!

Take a peek and see, or better yet hear what the Rizzo can do!

<a href="">Marc Rizzo - Isosceles</a>

<a href="">Marc Rizzo - ANgelina's Song (Teaneck, NJ)</a>



<strong>Ozzy:</strong><cite>"I have no regrets except that I wasn't up to keep Randy (Rhoads) from getting on that plane." (Ozzy Osbourne, Guitar World Issue 37, 2000)

I have said before countless time, Musicians come, Musicians go, BUT you CAN NOT REPLACE THE SINGER!

Ozzy Always likes new blood in the band, and according to the Blizzcom do, he had a new line up, due to the others having prior commitments!

So watch this space as they say and you never know what the Ozzmyster will d next!

Number 1

zakk is very cool. i think his style was unique and awesome too. but i agree with the rest of your assessment. and i can't wait to hear what comes out of the studio with new blood in the mix.

zack is awful, Iommi was great he had django influence in his playing, randy was great , he had classical influence in his playing. jake was great , he had a real soulfull blues influence in his playing. zack .... well zack is a power chord playing redneck with no creativity or musicality. chunka.. chunka.. pinch harmonic!

Z-Paul Music can be heard @
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i think tony iommy is better. just love ozzy.

Hi Nisu, havent seen you here since forever but I do remember you.
Welcome back.
I dont know about gus yet but we'll soon find out.

Well... i like firewind.... i would really like to hear Gus playing whit Ozz...
IThey say I worship the devil
They must be stupid or blind
I just listen to Ozzy !

DragonForce - Young Guitar DVD

No way gus.g can f*** with herman li.

Damn gus.g sucks what a crappy wannabe powermetal guitarist, you might aswell of got herman li he destroys gus.g.

sorry for posting so many times, but i think zakk wylde is perfect fit for ozzy zakk wylde has more control over the guitar than most players i have seen, the dude is f***in a machine man, his picking technique look like it would be sloppy, but he picks all every note clean as f*** and fast crazy and weird picking technique.

seriously gus.g or john 5 doesnt have half the f***in control over the guitar of zakk wylde, pentatonics is zakk's style it doesnt mean he cant play more technical.

gus.g and john 5 would be a downgrade from zakk wylde those players dont have the balls of zakk wyldes playing.


Even if ozzy asked rich ward to replace zakk wylde rich would decline.

lol check it out though, that's the dude's website leroy wright who taught zakk wylde on guitar for 2 years.

LOOK lol pic of zakk wylde and leroy wright his teacher LOL

zakk still is a pretty original player though, he doesnt really sound exactly like the dude who taught him.

im gettin ready to go see bls in okc in sept,hopefully get to meet zakk, he doesnt need ozzy hes done very well on his own, ilike ozzy but if its true that he told some rag the news before zakk knew, thats chickens***. zakk named his son after ozzy and worships him , he doesnt deserve that kind of s***,damn thats a stab in the back!!!!

f***ing ozzy,whould have been really white of him to let zakk know before the rest of the world



Rats. Cause I was laughing about Y@u P&rn video of 3 Girls In a Recording Studio on Thur. Aug 6 2009 being from Zakk. Hahahaha

Hey, Is that the same reason Sharon pulled the plug on Iron Maiden?

Seriously though it seems to me players who take guitar lessons play with less heart and soul than players like rich ward or dimebag who taught themselves.

dime clinic (talk thing part2)

7:09 guy ask if dimebag guitar took lessons he says he taught himself like rich ward lol.

zakk wylde took lessons for 2 years from this guy named leroy wright zakk has feel but he doesnt play with as much soul as rich or dime.

Rich ward's website it says

Did you ever have any guitar lessons or are you self taught?

Rich Ward Yes, I was self taught. One of my neighbors had a guitar and could play a few chords. He showed me what he knew and I would borrow his guitar for a couple of days at a time to practice those chords. About a year later, I got my first guitar so I could practice everyday. I would take my guitar everywhere I went, even to the movies, even when I had a date with me at the movies. Try it and see the looks you'll get. It may keep you from having a girlfriend, but a least you can say that you can play the solo in Mr. Crowley! Need I say more!Metronome work has been the thing that has helped me the most.

Gus.g all of his guitar solos are in one style basically, he repeats the same licks over and over.

Rich Ward would be the best guitarist, because none of his solos sound the same.

he isnt repetitive like most guitarist.

Children of Bodom - Guitar - Solos AKA ALEXI LAIHO

lol gus.g what a joke.

oops i meant sweep*

Gus.g sleeps picks slow as hell dude terrible at sweeping lol alexi laiho is so much better at sweeping lol f***in children of bodom riffs have sweeps lmfao.

cool actually some one who would be with me,,, but dont stand too close i just farted ha ha ha ha


I'm with you. There's hardly any of his music I dislike. I'm sure whatever he will do, I will like it.

hey i think ozzy needs to be ozzy,,and if he thinks a new guitar sound is what he needs than im surely behind him,,who ever he chooses is fine by me,,,and i will will follow ozzy's decisions to the grave thatsw for sure


Thats right, its Ozzy rocking and I think its not all about the guitar style but if there will be a good working relationship between Ozzy and whoever it might be.
Heres the classic rock interview again as audio this time. Ozzy really sounds serious.
And heres the rumour about Gus G.

This sounds like it's Ozzy getting down and serious with creating. You know, getting into things. Doing what he wants. Ozzy has been on the road without Zakk before, and he's been in the studio without him. Ozzy's been doing this 30 plus years as a musician ... don't you think the man deserves to produce what he wants with whom he wants to build the sound?

Everyone is too much into the gossip $hit, and no wonder given how the media is reading this (and everything) so black and white - to get everyone in a tizzy up in arms over perogative, you know? Ozzy's paid his dues - give the man a break!

I stand by my opinion - it's Ozzy rocking out, doing his thang, and when he's done he will bring us his next classic material to spin on the player.

wow really? I never thought I'd see this day, Zakk put so much into the music

Real blues/metal guitarist like dimebag are dead rich ward's about the only true one left.

And everyone's just a shredder dork now, nobody playing with soul anymore.

gus.g=lacks heart/soul/feel to his playing like dimebag or rich ward.

zakk wylde played with more feel than gus.g also.

If you insist a classical guitarist though, alexi laiho probley has the most feel out of all of them.

Gus.g sucks because he cant compose blues s***, classical influenced guitarist never stood out to me except maybe alexi laiho.

Seems ozzy is lookin for a classical type guitarist now, alexi laiho would of been the best choice.

He's the only guitarist i honestly think sounds like true classical s***, not even yngwie malmsteen's s*** sounded as classical.

gus.g=generic piece of s*** paul gilbert/yngwie malmsteen rip off.

rich ward and dimebag are overall the best metal guitarist.


it sounds like Zakk hasn't heard what Ozzys plan is and just wants his friend to let him know. Maybe Ozzy himself doesn't know yet.

The audio of Zakk's comments are here on this page: about 1/2 way down.

in all of it, I'm hanging with Ozzy. i posted some stuff earlier from Zakk where he was kind of brushing off what Ozzy wanted (a slower sound), maybe that is where this is all coming from...Ozzy wanting the focus to be on what he feels led to create in the studio. maybe Zakk has taken things for granted and thinks he knows best what Ozzy's music should be and that constraint was lifted by Ozzy.

in any case, the press is all over all this s***, F_U to those's stupid. if they can dig up dirt they will. sure, it keeps interest in the news for what Ozzy is doing, so it's not all bad, but damn...always wanting to roast everyone alive. then the next day they are acting like they are best friends for the interviews. they've lost RESPECT for musicians, that's for DAMN sure.

Seems that its not sorted out yet between Ozzy and Zakk:

I listen one of my friends he saids about zakk rest with ozzy, must be isn't official but i hope it

well, wonder why 2 new topics emerged by brand new posters when 2 already exist. frankly I'm too tired to answer there, cuz it will require too much background to fill in the blanks. needless to say...glad to hear we aren't hysterically thinking the worst of Ozzy, with little faith shown in him as was apparent in wider media realm during this and the last hub-ub.


I can't seem to see you baby ... although my eyes are open wide ... but I know I'll see you once more ... when I see you, I'll see you on the other side

yeah cool thanx for that LD


I'm not doubting Ozzys musical desicions. I really believe a change might be good now. I'm just happy to hear Ozzy and Zakk are not fighting. Zakk posted this 4 hours ago:
ZakkWyldeBLSHey Berserkers, everything is great with Ozzy/Dad. See you at the Blizzcon convention in Anaheim August 22nd or before with BLS
But ones for sure. If thats what Ozzy is thinking about, trying a new guitarist. The album is making very slow progress and we have to wait a little longer.

i know this - Zakk is a good man. and his love and affection for Ozzy are tangible. and for that he will always be my second favorite hero onstage. he is bad@ss on the guitar, big time. and he is sexy as hell too (hubba hubba). Ozzy is THE MOST sexy, but Zakk holds his own.

i don't think this is about "ooooooooooo, someone is pissed off, bla-de-blah-de-blah."

i think this is about artistic freedom. Zakk is busy, sure. yet Ozzy does explain plenty of material Zakk laid down in the studio for the album...maybe this is just Ozzy branching out and wanting to explore some new sounds.

damn, isn't the man entitled to artistic freedom and expression? can't the man fart without someone supposing a nefarious meaning behind it?

i mean, he's f***ing famous, has been a household name for years...his music rocks and has rocked for the past 30 years - HE IS A LEGEND! if he wants to go jungle or jazz or hymnal for goodness sake - why the hell not? he's Ozzy!!!

anything Ozzy does is very cool in my book.

Zakk is great. He inspired me to play the guitar. But Ozzy if you read this. Give Gary Hoey another shot. He auditioned for your band back when you hired Zakk as your new guitarist. Gary Hoey would do a great job.

oh wow he didnt know,,geez i would hate to read that ,, hey zakk if you ever read this dont worry mate australia loves you man,,,
hey ld hows it going


hey friend, now i fell very better, thank you

I did a little research and it seems that Zakk didnt know anything about it until the interview came out (not nice, I would say).
This is Zakks comment on his twitter site:
I haven't heard anything about this. Until I talk to the Boss I don't know. I love Ozzy.
4:18 PM Jul 10th from web
And this is the comment of Zakks wife from today:
…cont) to Z first? Z meeting with Ozzy tomorrow. Alls good...we're family!
about 21 hours ago from Twittelator
Anyway, no decision is made yet and I bet there will be news the following days.