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zakk wylde

Ozzy, getting rid of Zakk is one of your biggest mistakes. I know you think you are beginning to sound like Black Label Society but have you ever considered that Black Label sounds like Ozzy and that it´s not Ozzy who sounds like Black Label?
I saw your new guitar player on youtube (blizzcon) and he is just a poor guitarplayer compared to Zakk. Not the same thing at all.
For f*** sake, get Zakk back in and start making some serious music!!


That's the idea behind Black Label, anyway.

There are so numerous musicians out there in the market place.

They ALL would like to learn more about the music Industry.

I feel I'm really missing out on a trend, Recession or not.

And by the way, my answer to the declining sales of cd/albums from electronic digital technology would be to flood the market with simple songs that don't neccessarilly take a long time to invent. Like the Monkies songs and expect to tour for ever. There are Rock songs that the Industry produced back in the 1970's, 80's that are simple to produce. But the Monster Arena Rock and Fast Rock in association with Ballad songs are a much more work of Art. Typically these fast ones with Rythums that consumers tend to remember thru out their day, take longer to make.

Obviously these more memorable ones (? because some of those like Smoking in the Boys Room are some of my favorite ones and children don't freak out about them and I guess would be more sellable over in the Arab countries - strict Religious tolerance) would be ones that I lead the consumers into buying. There by having somthing to Market for the rest of your life. But like I say, it takes time to make songs that Metalica has.

And you have to account for any Neuorlogical disorders that are associated from the stress of inventing the Fast Rock songs due to having to live in Society normally. And that includes the Strick Religious Moral types. Actually I belive the current Economic event on a Global level is garnering more attention to Conservativism. AND I can get around that. 1980's Motley Crue grew from that. Poison not so much due to it's was PARTY (YEA!) time on the Sunset Strip.

wow, you must have been viewing something other than what I have seen of Gus G. He is amazing, and I for one TREMBLE with excitement thinking of the new sound that will be unleashed from both Ozzy and the whole band.

A new mix is needed. I think everyone agrees that Zakk Wylde is an amazing guitarist, that is not able to be disputed when you just look at the work he's done with Ozzy. His solo's and in general just the sound that came out of his guitar are just freaking AMAZING. No question.

But it was a bit weird seeing him in BLS gear on stage with Ozzy, ya know? He needed to set that part of his life aside when onstage with Ozz or go into it full speed ahead, which it appears he has.

Zakk is an extremely talented man, and this will enable him to hone his own skills out there with his fanbase and with music.

He's not upset with Ozzy's choice, why should anyone else be. It's hard to accept change, but sometimes change is a really awesome thing.

With Gus, I 100% hands down believe that is the case.