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Z.W. gone?

Hey Ozzy, or does Sharon wear the pants? I would rather listen to, and be in a band that sounds like B.L.S than Firewind or Dream Evil. Have you actually listened to that crap? Gus G. may be a great guitar player, but it takes more that to write great music. Firewind should be called Breaking Wind & Dream Evil is just flat out f***in' gay. Get Zakk back & end your career on top, cuz with Gus G. you will be a flop.


all this passion in youth. imagine what could be done to change the world if it was directed productively lol.

Highly agreed, ZW!!!!!

<em>Recognize this as a holy gift and
Celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing.</em>
<strong>-Maynard James Keenan</strong>

I have to agree with f_darkbladeus. Zakk isn't ozzy. Ok it sucks to see him go but atlest he's still around. You can still sit back and listen to a good BLS album unlike poor Randy (RIP). I'll end this with my own wee cliche' change is as good as a holiday. : )

always interesting when you start a post out with a cliche' insult. just thought I'd point the obvious out. give the man some dignity will you? until you hear what the results are, how do you know the new guitarist and Ozzy's new stuff will not sound good?

sounds like you're being overly cynical with judgment before there's anything to judge (like a CD). I love Zakk Wylde as much as you do, he is incredibly awesome, I love his style. but why not give a listen to something new if that is what Ozzy wants. has he not earned the rock-n-roll stripes to have freedom to express himself in any way, shape, or form he wants?

Zakk isn't Ozzy, remember that.

nor is he the only great guitarist in the Ozzy lineup. Many have been in his position, and have done just as great a job. No offense intended to Zakk cuz I love the big lunk of a Viking. but it's true.