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Released: 2007

Black Rain - Tour Edition


Song Title Video Lyrics Price Buy It
1 Play Track Not Going Away
2 Play Track I Don't Wanna Stop
3 Play Track Black Rain
4 Play Track Lay Your World on Me
5 Play Track The Almighty Dollar
6 Play Track 11 Silver
7 Play Track Civilize the Universe
8 Play Track Here For You
9 Play Track Countdown's Begun
10 Play Track Trap Door
11 Play Track I Don't Wanna Stop (Live)
12 Play Track Not Going Away (Live)
13 Play Track Here For You (Live)
14 Play Track Nightmare
15 Play Track I Can't Save You
16 Play Track Love to Hate


my favorite song is 11 silver

This is my favorite Ozzy album and in my opinion his best work ever!

I don't wanna stop kills

3 more live songs? my god!

Another Ozzy masterpiece of the millenium. Good song writing with an updated ozzy sound. Zakk is back again with vengence. Plus "I don't wanna stop" was nominated for a grammy! This version if you can find it contains the 3 extra songs. The bonus songs are great, it's worth it, if you can find it.

This is such an awesome album, not one bad song on here... Almighty Dollar is my fave, I think???? His music is like a lays potatoe chip, its hard to pick just one.

A near flop?! This album is best album ever!!!!! Trap Door is like his best song ever. This album completely blew me away! I effin LOVE this!

In all Honesty, the three studio bonus tracks should have been a part of the album. I realize they don't have an official place with the concept of the album, but those tracks are by far three out of six of my favorite tracks on this album. I could seriously hear original elements of Ozzy coming through on these. They were the early production sounds we finally got with his new Scream album. I don't know why people feel this album was a near flop. Every artist experiences a experimental album, and this has to be one of the best out there. I loved it, and still keep the full album with me at all times!