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Scream return to discography

return to discography
Released: 2010



Song Title Video Lyrics Price Buy It
1 Play Track Let It Die
2 Play Track Let Me Hear You Scream
3 Play Track Soul Sucker
4 Play Track Life Won't Wait
5 Play Track Diggin' Me Down
6 Play Track Crucify
7 Play Track Fearless
8 Play Track Time
9 Play Track I Want It More
10 Play Track Latimer's Mercy
11 Play Track I Love You All


Ozzy your album is awsome and if you come to baton rouge i promise i will not dissapoint you your my idol nomatter what anyone says ROCK ON!

YOU ARE BACK!!!! It's so good to hear your real voice again, the way it used to be. I've missed you but this new album is great! Can't wait for more. Welcome back!

your an insperasion to my family and me my cousin and uncle are ozzy fans but im the biggest out of all three of us and when your album come out on itunes i boutgh it and it was amazing my favorites diggin me down, let it die and let me hear you screamm, i heard not going away and i dont wanna stop from black rain but its nothing like this album simply amazing i wish i had your prince of darkness 4 cd set then i would die

Damn man you made it again!!

I can find some good old sounds like you had in your albums BARK AT THE MOON AND NO MORE TEARS.
Good work, nice 80´s guitar sound´s and solos.
You are coming back to the 80´s what i have waited for a long time.
Nice mix of song´s, hard and soft something for everybody.

I didnt expect this album to be good cos Black rain was just crap, just two nice songs. ( I don´t wanna stop and allmighty dollar)
I have to give this album just 4 stars out of 5 cos sound mixing is little bit too much industrial even thou sound field is very clear. Of course these are just those thing, do you like red or white wine well i like them both as long they get me wasted.



Ozzy still rocks!! Black Rain was a step back into a quasi-Sabbath/Black Label Society grunge fest. Scream? haha are you kidding me? Great title for an Ozzy album!! Yeah baby; been listening to the Ozz since Sabbath's FIRST album--going on 40 years now. I'm proud to say my kids are now into Ozzy--oh yeah, ROCK 'N ROLL WILL NEVER DIE!!!!!!!!!!

Scream; Is one of the best Ozzy Studio Albums! It kinda Reminds me of Ozzmosis b/c of a few tracks, But Also this is one of the Heaviest! peraphs, because of the line up change ? Zakk > Gus G , I think it... Is what it is . Still an Amazing Album !

welcom back this album rocks like the old days
this is the ozzy we all love to party with
thank you,thank you for showing what real rocking is!

I think it's a great, sad and encouraging album. Loved it!

I may be 12 but Ozzy is my fav rocker. Ozzy has created one ofthe greatest songs ever(Scream).

Scream is a return to form for Ozzy, Black Rain was a decent album but it did sound too much like Black Label Society with Ozzy singing. Scream really brings back more of the old Ozzy style, the melodies are better, with less of the droning sound of Black Rain.

I love the record there is not a boring track on here, and Ozzy`s voice sounds better than ever. Gus G freshens things up with much less pinch harmonics which Zakk Wylde is famous for.

Standout tracks for me

Let me here you scream is sure to send the crowd wild when it`s played live, it`s a great anthem that livens things up for sure.

Digging me down is sure to become a classic Ozzy song, it`s heavy and has all the melody which Ozzy`s best work are famous for.

Soul sucker has some Black Sabbath flavour there, with a heavy sludgy guitar sound, great song.

Life won`t wait is a classic ballad of which i am very fond. Ozzy has always had at least one great ballad on an album.

I couldn`t have asked for a beter album from the Ozzman especially at the age of 61.