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Scream return to discography

return to discography
Released: 2010



Song Title Video Lyrics Price Buy It
1 Play Track Let It Die
2 Play Track Let Me Hear You Scream
3 Play Track Soul Sucker
4 Play Track Life Won't Wait
5 Play Track Diggin' Me Down
6 Play Track Crucify
7 Play Track Fearless
8 Play Track Time
9 Play Track I Want It More
10 Play Track Latimer's Mercy
11 Play Track I Love You All


its very nice to play. i like it..thanks
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I haven't bought a cd in a long time....I will now! Good job OZZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm getting ozzfest tickets and im sure this year will kickass!

I just brought the tour edition, simply great, specially the multimedia portion and let me hear scream video, when ozzy release a dvd with all his videos, i'll be the first in line, by the way, when?

Just received my presale tickets to hp pavillion show in Feb. Gift from my wife. I am Thrilled to say the least. Last time I saw Ozzy was in 1980 at the US FESTIVAL, in San Bernardino. I'm lovin it. It will be a great show.

I thought Black Rain was totally awesome, and you have managed to top yourself.........How do you do it???
Dont bother to answer that, just keep doing it(: Can I say enough YOU ROCK OZZY YOU ROCK OZZY YOU ROCK OZZY YOU ROCK OZZY

Great album! Ozzy man, your still going strong!

im gonna keep it simple
this album rocks all the songs are just so brilliant the lyrics are awesome
ozzys vocals are amazing and the guitar playing is great!!

Love it, Love it, Love it. Some songs are very deep, just listen to the lyrics. I know of no artist that gets this much better each time he comes out with a new CD. Like fine wine keep on rocking. Can't wait till the Tampa Florida date, it has been to long.

Ozzy Osbourne en Puerto Rico sábado, 26 febrero 2011 a las 08:30 PM en el Coliseo de P.R. la leyenda viviente del Metal "reunion de roqueros nuevamente" no faltes, boletos a la venta ya en Tickektpop. I'll be there with the prince of the darkness...Ozzy Rulz!