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BLACK RAIN In Stores Today!

The wait is over! OZZY's New CD BLACK RAIN is available everywhere today! CLICK HERE to order it NOW!

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Looking forward to seeing the first show on the tour in Seattle. Glad to see Lamb of God & Hatebreed on the good stage this time!

well the double O did it yetagain, like a fine wine getting better with age!! Wicked....

hellyeah im listening to mine right now

The CD is f***ing awesome and the band did a badass job! This is a masterpiece!

EVERY OZZY OSBOURNE FAN MUST BUY THIS CD!!! It (as Ozzy says) "kicks f***ing ass man!" I can't stop listening to it all over n over again! Great Work Ozzy, Zakk, Rob and Mike. You're all one hell of a band!