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BLACK RAIN In Stores Today!

The wait is over! OZZY's New CD BLACK RAIN is available everywhere today! CLICK HERE to order it NOW!

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I'd like to sahre my concern about Sony Music Brasil, that represents Ozzy's releases in here.
We (me and thousands of Ozzy's fans) are waiting for months for this album, specially for the so expected "May 22" to finaly get the album. It's very "normal" here to wait months for the national release of internacional albums, but this time so much has been talked about the "world release " taht it made us believe that we could buy the album at the same time of the rest of the world.
Unfortunatly it didn't happened again! I don't know what happen here, it seems like a sabotage of international bands, as if it were a way to estimulate national culture. But it is a big mistake!!! There is no frontiers for culture. What is good is goog at any place in this big world!!!
After all the point is: there is a large amount of Ozzy's fans (and other Rock Bands fans either) here in Brazil, and we are ignored by the musical industry. They complain that this kind of music does not sale, so they don't have enough profity with this style, but they don't realize that it is theire fault. We don't want to wait months to listen your music, it lead us to download from internet, or buy the USA album (and it is very expensive for us!), so when it is released in here, most of fans already got the album and that's why they don't have a significant sale. It also estimulate piracy!!!
I don't know if anything can be done about it, but if were possible any kind of pressure over the Brazilian Sony to release the album as soon as possible it would ber very, very helpful.
Thank you very much for your attention!

i have one question...why nightmare and i can't save you don't be on the official europan and amercian cd...this great song...nightmare is a big hit...should be singiel on the black rain...

My wife is a country music lover. As soon as I played "Black Rain' Cd. She absolutley fell in love with it. All the rest of my family loves it. My 9 year old boy is already singing the trap door song. This album ROCKS!!!!.. Get it if you can I can not get enough. ROCK ON

I'm a huge Ozzy fan and I love the album. I don't know how many of you people check out but Ozzy's setlist was revealed and I believe there are some great songs missing. I'm not complaning by any means, I just think all of us Ozzy fans should get together and make suggestions. The setlist is pretty solid but there is NOTHING from No rest for the Wicked or Ultimate Sin. Any Ozzy fan knows these are two amazing albums,just one song from each would be awesome. Maybe Bloodbath In Paradise and Shot in the Dark or Miracle Man and Ultimate Sin. I just think these two albums should not be forgotten and it would be f***ing awesome to hear something we have'nt heard in awhile. Everyone should leave a comment or something I would like to know what everyone thinks. Trust me, I'm a huge Ozzy and I'm really happy he is headlining Ozzfest. I know that if he did something from both albums or either album that the crowd would go nuts. You never know if Ozzy is gonna to shows anymore nowadays and I think it would be f***ing cool to hear Miracle Man or Shot it the Dark again. LONG LIVE OZZY...HOPEFULLY WE CAN PUT SOME CHANGES IN THE SETLIST...METAL FOREVER!!!

Wow, what an album! I just read some of these other posts , and had to get my point of view in here too. Some gripe about the package, I hear you and agree but you know what? It was 10.99 not 17.99 and Ozzy is hooking us up with free concert tix. How cool is that?! No one else is doing this. How about the production, you may think its too polished but actually be open minded, its contemporary, creative and even a little experimental. Someone said 'recycled riffs'...compared to "ozzmosis" this album kicks so much ass its retarded. That one funky tune is not a winner for me, but ya got a couple ballads for the chicks and every other tune is rock solid and awesome. This is Ozzy's best since Ultimate Sin, and that era... Ozzy is back - in Black! (I couldn't resist). (Also check out the new Megadeth, its spine riveting riffs will delight you!) Later,

Ozzy combined with Zach Rule ... enough said.

the extra songs on japanese cd are f***ing killer why didnt we get those very cool songs!

Everyone b****ing about the cover needs to SHUT THE f*** UP

Your getting 2 free tickets "SEATS" to Ozz Fest before anyone else can get them.

These are LIMITED EDITION, collectors CD's be f***ing happy you have one.

Read the silver label on the CD.

So, Shut the f*** up. be glad you have one. I have 2. One opened and one not.

I'm sure in a few months or so they will change the package and raise the price.

Enough said on that.

Now check out my edit of the new "I don't want to stop" video @ http://OZZY.TV/
Matt Wales
AKA "The Next Ozzy Osbourne"

Classic Ozzy Album!! The Fans Are Gunna EAT IT UP Great Job Again Guys!!!! Keep Up The Great Work!!!!!

I bought the cd and love it.
Downsides That I don't like are there is no booklet with lyrics/credits/photos
and There are 2 tracks missing that should of been on the cd " I Can't Save You" and "Nightmare" :(
BUT you can download em or try and buy the Japanese version..