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BLACK RAIN Lyrics & Credits

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Rhandy was a alsome guitar player. wish he was still alive, i mean he was your best guitar player you ever had and he was your right hand man. wish i could of seen him. He had the best guitar solo in the world.

hey whats up? u r sooo cool some day i hope i can see u. Im a bass player and hope to be in a band. i can almost play your songs. like iron man. cool hu!

Man...I am so tired of reading comparisons of Zakk to Randy. Zakk can stand on his own. He's proven himself to me and many other fans. His solos on the new album are so smooth and precise it's unbelievable. Any song with a "lack" of guitar solo means nothing...there is a whole band behind Ozzy, the rhythm section is kick ass.... as a band they have come together great. to the whole band: YOU ROCK! Thanks for the music.

Best Ozzy CD to come out in years. f***in' BAD ASS!!! Best song on the album is definately "Trap Door."

I have been following since i first saw you with Black Sabbath when i was 17, I am 53 and Your still
Jamming, but this time was a Master piece ! The best you have ever done.
Live Long & Prosper
& Don't Stop

I am 40. My daughter is 12. We have the entire CD memorized. We love it. Thank you so much. Jimmy and Kelsey, Manassas, VA OZZY RULES!!!

Ozzy has really outdone himself. He is not just the god of rock, he is also the god of real!!!!!!!!

This has got to be the best CD I have purchased in a long time. I have been addicted to Ozzy for years and I needed this fix bad. ALL HAIL! THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS

Aussie fan says that there are so many things to say about the new album! All good. Great to hear the distinctive influence of Zakk's riffs. Great songs and lyrics Ozzy; you rock! Nice to hear a little bit of Marilyn Manson (ish) whispers on Track 1 (I'm not going away) and a few bars from "Freedom Fighters' (Lord of this World) on Track 3 (Black Rain). Don't know anything about producer Kevin Churko, but great work; love your marching touches to Tracks 1 & 3. Great to see the return to CD's of quality 45 minutes; rather than the laboriously long 60-70 minute efforts to fill the CD. Two great ballads Ozzy. You haven't lost anything-you and Zakk are still the timeless heavy metal kings.

It's f*cking crazy f*cking unbelievable album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U r the Rock-God Ozzy! Go oN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT go away! =)
P.S: come to Russia one (maybe not 1) more time please!!!!! We are waiting for u!!!!!!!!