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'God Bless Ozzy Osbourne' into movie theaters August 24th & 29th!

This August, audiences across the country will get an unrivalled look into the mind of legendary rock icon Ozzy Osbourne in GOD BLESS OZZY OSBOURNE, an exclusive in-theater event that will be broadcast to movie theaters nationwide on Wednesday August 24 and Monday, August 29 at 7:30 p.m. (local time). Packed with never-before-seen footage , interviews and recent solo tour clips, fans are set to enjoy an incredibly unique experience, by producer/filmmaker, Jack Osbourne. Fellow musicians and others will also share stories, with exclusive interviews with various members of the Osbourne family (including Sharon, Kelly, Ozzy’s sisters, his brother and his children from his first marriage) explains why bringing Ozzy’s storied history to life—through the eyes of his son Jack—was the perfect motivation to capture one of music’s greatest icons in candid splendor.

Don’t miss your chance to see this two night event on the big screen. Find the theater near you at http://www.fathomevents.com/originals/series/godblessozzy0824_29.aspx

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This looks like a great movie and will definitely watch it into the theaters. And the main thing is that this is horror movie so I am very excited to watch the movie so I hope the movie will get a great success in the future.

Couldn't wait to see the Ozzy movie, bought tickets early, rushed home from work, rushed to the theater, just made it for the 7:30 showing, bought pizza, which tasted like crap, bought soda, which tasted funny, only for a Manager of the Clearview Theater on RT46 in Parsippany, NJ and tell us they cannot show the movie as they cannot get it to load. Talk about a person being absolutely besides themselves. We were told they could not run it in another theater, or on another date. so I guess I will never get to see the movie until the DVD release as with only two showings I am out of luck. Just wanted to make the Osbourne's, or any other individuals looking to work with this theater to stay away as many fans fans walk away very upset, and no one would ever want to see that. Please release it on DVD soon so I may be able to see, from what I have read, a great movie.

My family and I love you Ozzy! I took my wife and my three sons Robby 14, Jonny 12, and Tommy 10. The movie was f****** awsome! We too have had great loss and identify with you. It is great to see your love for your family has brought you to really enjoy what life has given you. We loved the movie since it showed the cost you and your family paid for the magical gift of music you have given us. The movie is a very rare look into your facinating life. Your family is beautiful! Your fan since the early 1980's at the Veteran Memorial Colosium in Phoenix AZ and forever! Blessings, health, and lots of light OZZY!

Robert Pierce
Federal Officer

I got my ticket on Tuesday and I am so psyched! Can't wait!!!

I can't miss this film!

Ozzy you're my God!!!
Come back to Poland with next concerts!!!!