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Ozzfest 2007 Makes History Again - Live Nation Distributes More Than 428,000 Free Tickets Over Four Days

When Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and the world’s largest live music company, Live Nation, announced in February their plans to stage the 2007 OZZFEST as a free show, some industry people said it would never work.

Today OZZFEST yet again has made history, as the fans clearly have spoken.

Over the past four days, tickets for all 24 shows were distributed to a frenzy of music fans. More than 428,000 tickets in all were given away through LiveNation.com, marking the largest number of free tickets distributed in the United States in the history of the concert business. In a staged release and via various sponsor sites, including Monster Energy, Jagermeister, FYE, Pilgrim Films, Hustler Lingerie and WWE, LiveNation.com enabled fans to enter exclusive codes to obtain tickets beginning Friday, June 8. More than 228,000 tickets were distributed yesterday alone, with the last ticket given away just after midnight. The tickets were completely free without surcharges of any kind.

For this year’s historic “Freefest”--which will give fans the rock experience of their lives at a price that’s hard to beat -- headliner Ozzy Osbourne will be joined by Lamb of God, Static X, Lordi, Hatebreed, Behemoth, Mondo Generator, Nile, Ankla, Circus Diablo, The Showdown, 3 Inches of Blood, Daath, Chthonic and In This Moment.

Sharon Osbourne said, “Ozzy is the first to take an entire tour and make it free to his fans and the fans of OZZFEST. More than 428,000 tickets were distributed free to fans. How amazing is that?”

“Together we have pulled off the ultimate gift for music fans this summer, a free OZZFEST,” said Bryan Perez, President of Global Digital for Live Nation. “Through LiveNation.com we connected OZZFEST with nearly half a million music fans to create an exciting moment for the live music business and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Since 1996, OZZFEST has been a virtual breeding ground for rising bands. The festival has been instrumental in igniting the careers of platinum-selling artists like System of a Down, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Incubus, Slipknot, Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold, Mudvayne, Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and Lacuna Coil, among others. It was cited as “one of rock’s biggest juggernauts” in the cover feature of Sunday's New York Times' “Arts and Leisure” section (6/25/06). This year marks the 12th anniversary of the hard rock spectacular.

The 24-city earth-pounding 12th annual OZZFEST will launch July 12 in Seattle, WA at the White River Amphitheatre. OZZFEST will also hit George, WA, Sacramento, CA, Mountain View, CA, Devore, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Albuquerque, NM, Denver, CO, Kansas City, MO, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, St. Louis, MO, Columbus, OH, Tinley Park, IL, East Troy, WI, Indianapolis, IN, Holmdel, NJ, Hartford, CT, Boston, MA, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Detroit, MI, Charlotte, NC and West Palm Beach, FL.

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THanks for reminding us all what music is supposed to be about. Im so sick of all these money hungry musicians forgetting why they got started in the first place! Thanks for loving us so much! If Elvis was a king, then you are a god.




thank you linda lou and you are welcome and i am sorry not everybody got tickets or all they needed, but its a very cool thing that ozzy and sharon osbourne are doing and livenation , under the circumstances and a first ever free ticket giveaway and free concert did an exceptionally great job in my eyes. it wasnt perfect but nothing is by no means. and i am just tyring help spread the info as far as i know so people will stop and think, not all is what it seems and if you look a little farther than your own nose the truth will come out. i have stated before that in any time that i am wrong somebody please correct me and give me the better knowledge and i will eat my words . because even i am not always right by no means, just in this case i think i am and a lot of people are to and know it. again you are welcomeand, thank you ozzy sharon, zakk and your whole entire staffs and familys and livenation and all sponsors for doing one of the coolest things of the 21st century.


AN ARMY OF ONE ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the seats auctioned off were for charity all money going to sharon osbournes cancer research charity, look into things better before throwing stones! all proceeds from the auction go to that charity. and livenation did great they gave away over 428,000 ozzfest tickets. and yes sharon and ozzy know about it!



After livenation bungled the free ticket episode, I resorted to the auction of buying tickets, I would have bought tickets anyway, so why didn't they just sell them.

I bidded on my tickets and my credit card was charged and now livenation isn't sending me any tickets, any attempt at contacting them fails. Seems they have their contact us thing as a farce.

Ozzfest is going to be great! Thanks for the free tickets.

Can't wait till aug. 2nd. Ready to party at ozzfest!!!!!

I would not have been able to afford tix so thank you for the free show! I have every cd I could get my hands on including 2 8 tracks ( volume 4 and Paranoid) I even have the "ozzy" tattooed on my left hand's knuckles. I LOVE you Ozzy and Sharon!!!!! Thank you. Jeff Kennedy

This will be my 10th time seeing Ozzy on July 14th at the Gorge, I've seen Blizzard tour with Randy, Diary, Bark at the Moon, Ultimate Sin, No Rest for the wicked, No More Tears, Ozmosis, Black Sabbath Reunion tour and Ozzfest 2003...Thanks for the excellent concerts over the years Oz and thanks for bringing out some of the best rock musicians with you as well, T.A., Randy Castillo(RIP), Lee Kerslake, Rudy Sarzo, Phil Soussan, Don Costa, Bob Daisley, Robert Sarzo, Bernie Torme, Brad Gillis, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde to name a few and of course the late great Randy Rhoads

Randy Rhoads lives forever....

OZZY YOU ARE THE BEST I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!