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Since when does the lure of an OZZY OSBOURNE concert become the impetus for a sting operation by one local sheriff?

That's what an outraged OSBOURNE would like to know after the events that transpired Monday, October 29 before his show at the Fargodome in Fargo, ND.

As masterminded by Paul D. Laney, a local county sheriff--under the name of PDL Productions--this is how the sting was set up, all without OSBOURNE’s knowledge:

Sheriff Laney took the liberty of planning an OZZY OSBOURNE pre-show concert party by offering the very same perks included in OZZY’s “official” VIP tour packages including two tickets to 40 unsuspecting citizens who received the PDL invites by mail.

When the “winners” showed up at the bash, they were promptly handcuffed and arrested on various outstanding warrants. Sheriff Laney quickly held a televised press conference to congratulate himself on the successful sting operation.

“This Sheriff should be ashamed of himself for using my celebrity to arrest these criminals” says Osbourne. “Surely with some good police work and a little bit of time he could have accomplished this without bringing my name into it. It’s insulting to me and to my audience and it shows how lazy this particular sheriff is when it comes to doing his job. It’s obvious to me that Laney has an agenda and is just trying to make a name for himself on my back. Next time try some policing skills.”

Despite his comments about Sheriff Laney’s sting operation, OZZY harbors no ill will to the people of Fargo and hopes to return there under more favorable circumstances.

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Ozzy I relly thing that is bulls*** that this sherrif used your name like that in my oppinion i think you should sue his ass before he does it again..........

This is absolutely disgusting. I cannot begin to describe how low that was... when i read that in the newspaper (yes, it made it to the alaska newspaper), i was literally outraged! I was running around, newspaper in hand, telling anyone who would listen. (A true Ozzy fan?) Has this sherrif even apolligised yet?

Rockin out, smokin weed, and livin well.

Why not sue the bastard? A good lawyer can sue just about anybody.

om ah ra pa tsa na di

Those f***in pigs think they rule the f***in earth. When in reality Ozzy Rules the earth! f*** cops. Ozzy, you rock. And sorry bout the Nov 20 show hope your fellin better. See you in New York.

Ozzy Fukin Osbourne!

We the People of North DAkota are not like that at all and we really want to see Ozzy come Back

As a citizen of Northdakota I am appaled at the behavior and hope to see Ozzy here Again

Please elect Ozzy for Sheriff in Fargo North Dakota.

seek an apoligy from that cop for using your name like that . Have him do it public too.

Iowa City Fan
Tom Wright

My husband and I were involved as one of the people that were tricked and trapped in our love of your music. I would think with your Name and respect for your fans that you should be able to sue these sick law enforcement officials that used your name as entrapment . My husband is 50 and I am 52 we have been listening and supporting your music since Black Sabeth. We have been suffering major financial difficulties because of my disabling health problems and unable to work. We received these tickets in the mail and we thought wow maybe our luck is changing and we were so excited to be able to attend your concert, my husband had to take a day off work to attend, which he did and we only at the time had $60.00 dollors to our name. We arrived at playmakers at 12:00 noon, we went to the front door and they had these purple posters tapped all over the door - which told us to enter from the other side of the building entry, we than drove our vehicle to the other side parking lot. There was already a small line formed. We got in line and we made sure we had our beautiful ticket with Ozzy's and Zombie's name on it. When we got to the window the girls were dressed in halloween decor - they asked us for our license to show that Curt my husband was the one that had received this wonderful invitation in the mail. They then told us to go with the escorts which had the halloween Ozzy Ozborne bash t-shirts on. They took us in to this dark room and then towards this hallway - the one guy said to us " quote (are you guys ready for this) we responded yes - the next thing I knew two men grabbed my husband and pulled him into a room - I was escorted down this hallway and out of the building. I asked what is happening - they said your husband has been arrested for an outstanding warrant, I then said what am I going to do. I have no keys to my vehicle or money on me. They told me to take a Cab home. Well my husband and i live two hours away, 25 miles north of Detroit Lakes MN. I walked over to our truck in the parking lot and sat on the bumper crying wondering in distraught what I was going to do. With my Fibromylagia and osteo arthritis I can't handle stress well and can't drive. After about 15 minutes a black truck drove over to me where I was standing by our truck. and said Mam you can not stay here in this parking lot - because people of course still coming to this event would see me. I told them I can[t leave I have no way to leave my husband has our keys to our truck. They then got on these walkie talkies and said they would try to get my keys from my husband and drove away after about 10 minutes they drove back up to me and had my keys - I told them I can't drive they said don't you have a drivers license? I said yes I do but I'm disabled and don't drive - they told me to leave immediately anyway. I drove over to the parking lot at the Big Lot. and parked the truck. I called my folks from Detroit Lakes on my cell that I was so glad I had with me. Luckily they were home - I cried telling them what had happened to us. They said they would leave immediately and I should see them in about an hour. I sat there in my truck watching more people arrive at play makers falling for the same scam as we did. In my heart I wanted to jump out of the truck and tell them to leave before they are trapped as we were.
It's a good thing I didn't call out to anyone because - I was told later that some guys girlfriend did that also and she was arrested for upstructing justice. What kind of justice was this.???????
My parents finally arrived and we asked several places to find out where the jail was. When we got there they told me it would take $366.74 to get my husband released. This was from a check that we wrote many months prior to Fleet Farm in Fargo for $53.00. We had decided to change banks - we had closed our checking account with Midwest Bank and opened a new one at First bank & Trust. I had missed that there was still an outstanding check that had not come through. When we found out about this - I called Fleet Farm and asked if I could pay this with my debit card from our new checking or send them a check from our new account. They denied both style of payments and said they needed a cashiers check, which I was unable to get because of where we lived and my husband was working. I then forgot about it - and then the next thing we knew we had a $300.00 dollar warrant out for us. Which we had no way of paying at the time.
My mother had to leave the jail and go to an ATM and get the money we needed to get my husband Curt out of jail. When we did get the money they hazzled us for hours saying there computer was down and there were 40 people they had to process and for me to sit down and it would take a couple of hours before he would be realeased - I said I would not leave the window until My husband was released. I stood there for 4 hours until he was released. My husband told me later that when he was arrested they had put hand ties on him that were so tight his fingers were turning blue - they treated him like this huge criminal - it was an awful ordeal. When we returned home that evening - I turned the news on that evening and I couldn't believe that it was on there regarding it. The next evening it was on there again and the sheriff was showing the ticket bragging about this entrapment. What is wrong with this picture???? Talking with the people that were trying to get there loved ones out of jail - these were all poor people and simple warrants as bad checks, late child support payments, parking tickets un paid. Look at the cost that the tax payers had to pay for a sting for such big criminals. I was sick for two weeks after this from the stress of this entrapment ordeal. I ask you for justice against these custopo law enforcement lazy a**holes. How do they have the right to do this using your name??:???? our e - mail is bigwheelranch@arvig.net
Address is Curt and Roxy Holland 32736 County 143 Ogema, MN 56569
Thank you from a couple of your devoted fans

I should know because I "am" one of those older rockers. I remember seeing Ozzy in concert when he was still rockin with Black Sabbath (what I remember of it), I attempted to see him again back in 1981. It was an outdoor rockfest with bands like UFO, Foreiner, Blue Oyster Cult, and Ozzy was to be the Headliner of the day, but they made an announcement over the PA that Ozzy had to cancel because his legendary lead guitarist at that time ( Randy Rhodes) had died in a plane crash just a couple of hours before. The concert rocked, but it just wasn't the same without Ozzy!.........and, we lost one of the most prolific lead guitarists of our time that day. Needless to say...."Mr. Crowley" went to my head a long time ago and i've been "Paranoid" ever since, but it has never stopped me from tokin the "SweetLeaf"!