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Since when does the lure of an OZZY OSBOURNE concert become the impetus for a sting operation by one local sheriff?

That's what an outraged OSBOURNE would like to know after the events that transpired Monday, October 29 before his show at the Fargodome in Fargo, ND.

As masterminded by Paul D. Laney, a local county sheriff--under the name of PDL Productions--this is how the sting was set up, all without OSBOURNE’s knowledge:

Sheriff Laney took the liberty of planning an OZZY OSBOURNE pre-show concert party by offering the very same perks included in OZZY’s “official” VIP tour packages including two tickets to 40 unsuspecting citizens who received the PDL invites by mail.

When the “winners” showed up at the bash, they were promptly handcuffed and arrested on various outstanding warrants. Sheriff Laney quickly held a televised press conference to congratulate himself on the successful sting operation.

“This Sheriff should be ashamed of himself for using my celebrity to arrest these criminals” says Osbourne. “Surely with some good police work and a little bit of time he could have accomplished this without bringing my name into it. It’s insulting to me and to my audience and it shows how lazy this particular sheriff is when it comes to doing his job. It’s obvious to me that Laney has an agenda and is just trying to make a name for himself on my back. Next time try some policing skills.”

Despite his comments about Sheriff Laney’s sting operation, OZZY harbors no ill will to the people of Fargo and hopes to return there under more favorable circumstances.

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Your apology is accepted. and I appreciate the thought you had put into the situation. Happy Holidays if I don't hear from you.

Dawn Renee

How many of these so - called deadbeat Dads are struggling to pay their own rent and personal support after the ex spouse has drained them of assets and denied them even the smallest of access to their children

Deadbeat - deadbeat is a feminist word used to put down males
yes some males go out of their way to deny their ex everything but the majority are just the average Joe trying to do the right thing.
How many of those so - called deadbeats are the young men who were serving their country and ended up with a debt whilst being O/S in a war zone.

Come on Ozzie why don't you look at some facts before assuming some one guilty as charged.
These dads dont stand a chance when even you accuse them of guilt.

come to england ozzzy -no sheriff hear

Why would Ozzy automatically assume that these dads are criminals, they are just ordinary men like you and me trying to survive, the fact that they cant afford the exorbitant deemed rates for Child Support does not make them criminals Ozzy? Perhaps if Ozzy looked deeper into the Child Support scam world wide he actually condone the use of terms like deadbeat, as most of these dads would rather be able to see their kids than have to pay for the priveledge.

Its disgusting that this sherrif would stoop to such plots, but its even more disgusting that Ozzy ASS-U-Me s that they are criminals, guilty until proven innocent is the way we rule the people Ozzy

Ross Mitchell Australia

Im very greatful to you guys!me&myMa,ma dont have alot of money. We were very happy to have the oppurtunity to see you both. WE took our twelve year old . when i was that age i never got the chance thanks Ozzy&zakk youll both burn a f***in unforgetable memory for that child. "you cant kill "rock n roll" Thank you!



What can we do to get you back here man? Stuff the ballot box. From Carl at
singing and swinging Author. http://www.myspace.com/carlaabye

Now that’s just f***ing wrong man. You need to ask permission to use him as a sting not just going behind his back. How would you like if you use some other famous person to do that. I would be outrage too if someone used me like that. They used his name to catch them and the lowest amount of tax dollars to get them and I don’t blame Ozzy if he presses charges I would. He desirers a huge apology from that town police.

whatever it takes to catch criminals with the lowest amount of our tax dollars possible

Alright, sorry if I sounded a little harsh. My dog died and my truck broke down.