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Ozzy Osbourne & Friends Ready For European Tour Dates

Ozzy will be on tour in Europe May 23rd to July 1st with a special Ozzy Osbourne & Friends lineup. Check out this cool picture and the list of tour dates!

Ozzy & Friends

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Please come to Portugal for a show. We all love you. hope to see you soon.

Get back to the UK in 2013 - in any format possible. We just lost our Dad at a young age, and we've been passed down a selection of his favourite music - plenty of Ozzy and Sabbath in there ;-) Get yourselves back here in 2013 so I can get to see an absolute legend perform. Love you X

it saddens me so, you won't be coming close to Greensboro, or Winston Salem. my son is a talented musician, and i would absolutly,love for him to see the Great OZ!

it saddins me that you won't be coming to Greensboro, or Winston Salem,NC......really would love for my son to see you, i've seen you about 3 times, have to check my ticket stubs........PLEASE!!!!!!!!LOVE YA OZ

Awesome picture :) Ozzy, Zakk and Slash f***ing rule.

hey ozzy i'm a huge fan as i've followed everything from black sabbath to your solo stuff as i was unable to attend your 2008 concert in australia! i'd really love to see you live i would sell my soul to see yous play would really love for yous to come back to australia please!!!!!!!!! :)

My name is Matheus an i'm from brazil. I really love your music but here the people dont like so much heavy metal, i really want that you come here.
bye bye

I'm a 16-year old girl from Belgium
and I'm looking out for it! I'm going to your show at Dessel, graspop meeting in Belgium :)
I compete a competetion for a MEET AND GREET with Ozzy! do you all want to VOTE FOR ME PLEASE? http://jim.be/node/8886/inzendingen/248037 here's the link! THANK YOU!!

Ozzy I love you , I'm now 14 yrs old and I just lov eadore your music , I met with your music 3 years ago and I always dreamed to be on your concert so please come to England PLEASE !! If you wolud I would to everything to go on your concert . Please and Thank You for your music :) LOVE YOU !!!!!!!

Hello Ozzy,
I met your music one year ago and I think it's great I dream about be at your concert, but my parents can't afford for this.I hope I'll see your concert in live in near future, when I earn by myself.