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Ozzy Osbourne & Friends Ready For European Tour Dates

Ozzy will be on tour in Europe May 23rd to July 1st with a special Ozzy Osbourne & Friends lineup. Check out this cool picture and the list of tour dates!

Ozzy & Friends

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Hey Ozzy
Watched your show yesterday in Denmark, and i caught a piece of plastic with a signature. Any possibility to explain whos?
PS. awesome show, you are still the best

Picture: http://s267.photobucket.com/albums/ii310/MNS-22/Ozzy/?action=view&current=522888_3513494470823_1664043834_n.jpg

Ozzy, You are great! And you have a very nice photo added up here. But, as you also have said yourself, your pronounciation can be quite hard to follow. especially for us foreign languages speaking people as we finns. I was in a great show last night in Helsinki, but I have not found the line up of the band from anywhere and I did not get completely what Ozzy mumbled on the stage when introducing his band. All we fans know Geezer and Zakk and some of us have seen or heard Blasko and somehow I remembered that Ozzy`s old friend`s Rick Wakeman`s son Adam is doing the keyboards and additional guitar. I hope that you respect and value your loyal fans so much that you would like to give openly good and valid information here on the website. I would like to see line-ups and more info about the musicians, set lists, reviews etc. Like this the website is not good.

i love you ozzy may you rock&roll forever