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Ozzy Rocks LA With Slash!

Read about the performance at the Gibson Amphitheatre that ARTISTdirect called “explosive” over on their site!

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I was so lucky to have decided to go to LA and see the show. OMG. I had a 3rd row aisle PERFECT seat. I have missed out on soooooo much this past 23-odd years with Ozzy live and music I love in general live. Hearing and seeing this stuff so up close and personal was sensory overload WOW! I think I cried more that night then I have in a very long time. It was so precious to me =o). Aww Ozzy, you just are the King of my heart. Always have been. What you shared that night of yourself is priceless. I will NEVER forget this, not EVER! The clenched claw hands, stiff zombie walk, and your face - HYSTERICAL! The whole evening was the most special thing I have ever had happen in my life. I know it was probably because you had so many famous people there and your family, but I would like to think it was just ... well because. Because you love your fans, and because you wanted us to have something to take away and hold in our hearts forever. From the jig with the lady onstage to the foam on your head to the zombie crazy faces to lying on the ground...to rockin' my world with my favorite songs since forever, I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU!!! I just so wish my little girl could have been at that show instead of the Phoenix one which cost the same for a ticket but at which the venue allowed scalpers to claim the first half of the theatre so we were WAY WAY back and could hardly see you guys. :o(. She's loved you with me since forever. We've watched you on video, DVD, and in articles for a very long time. [all written bawling my eyes out, I can't help it, it was that precious]

OMG. This is my first time seeing Ozzy. I have seen lots of bands, but his drummer is the best drummer I have ever seen he was Awesome, lots of energy, he kept going, intense. Ozzy rocked. The lead guitar player is smoking hottt.

Slash rocked to and the new singer Wow he was Awesome.

So glad I could see the show.

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