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Ozzy Osbourne is unable to perform his Thursday, December 20 show at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, OH due to an unforeseen personal family matter. Because of scheduling conflicts, the show is unable to be rescheduled. Refunds are available at point of purchase and Ozzy apologizes for the inconvenience to his Cleveland fans. The tour resumes in New York City at Madison Square Garden this Saturday, December 22nd.

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ozzy doesnt write or control the tour schedual, thats why he hires a management company to do that. i know that he would love to perform. but he doesnt get to say i want to go here or there, management just hands him a tour itinarary this is where you are going to go this year. SO AGAIN IT'S NOT HIS FAULT HE CANT RESCHEDUAL!!! family first OZZ!

ozzy will always rock no matter how many bats heads he bites off or how many elevators he s***s in or how old he gets hes a legend and his name will ring through all time I LOVE OZZY!!!!!!
FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK I SALUTE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is bad enough that he cancelled the show in Cleveland, OH, but he didn't just let down the people in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. What about all the fans in the approximate 100 mile radius of Cleveland and beyond, who were counting on this, myself included? If he really cared about his fans, he would reschedule for Cleveland, or somewhere nearby. I live in Erie, PA, why not here, as he did in past years? Why not Pittsburgh, PA? Buffalo, NY? The man is probably a trillionaire. He should reschedule for this part of the country, he can and should be able to fit us in! He can certainly afford to fly in and do it! I hope that the rich bastard reads this!


Why don't you grow up? There is more to life that DAVID HOMER...Ozzy has a family to take care of and I imagine you do to...do you think he needs to hear from your whiney little mouth?????
Don't be so selfish...
Lets hope Ozzy and his family are healthy and happy...just as I hope you and your family are as well...


quicken loans still has the 24th of Jan open..you can do it ozz

Family is #1! Glad Ozzy shares my view!

Money is NOT everything. It is a shame some of us feel that way.

Keep on rocking OZZ!!!! You are ALWAYS # 1.....

Finally there are some people other than me who understand about the concert ceing cancelled.Ya I was bummed out and disappointed, but guess what, his family comes first as it should. Don't worry Oz you have your true fans behind you 100%.

I took most of the week off from work, my fiancee flew in from New Mexico, then we drove 8 hours from Tennessee, spent $1000 at the Ritz Carlton, and we found out the concert was canceled 15 minutes befre arriving at our hotel. We still had a good time in Cleveland (because it ROCKS)! This is the 4th time he has canceld on me, thank goodness I have seen him over 30 other times. I hope the rumors aren' t true and that every thing is OK with Ozzy.

Hey fans out there... I am a 35 year old female rocker and I was to take my 14 year old nephew and my 50 year old husband to see the man. I am a nurse and I had worked 16 hours to attend this concert and ran home to get ready and ticketmaster had called. This was at 10:30 at night. I had to call my husband who also was a nurse, I had to call him at the hospital and give him the disappointing news. He had seeen Ozzy with Black Sabbath in 1976 and I rocked in the 90's to him. We were hoping to share the love with our wonderful nephew who just started playing the ax and who loves the great "Randy". Hey Ozzy the money not the isssue we just wanted to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont like disappointming my 2 favorite men , because I had to cancel on Ozzfest this year due to my father dying. Please dont make me a 3rd time looser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!