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Ozzy.com Artwork Contest – Winners Announced

Here are the five winners of the Ozzy.com artwork contest! Each of these sharp-eyed fans identified the artwork correctly and will receive a free prize package with the Ozzy "Believer" 7" picture disc and "Ozzy Live" 2LP, both of which were made exclusively for Record Store Day. The winners are:

  • Bart S.
  • Rob M.
  • Dean R.
  • Neal T.
  • Teresa K.

If you are one of the winners, you will be contacted at the email address that you provided to confirm your eligibility (see official rules). Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated!

Ozzy Believer 7-inch picture disc  
Ozzy Live 2LP

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Hey Man This is Sam from Tennessee I sure hope the band or the Management . Can work things out with Bill Ward before they go on there 2014 tours.I know they talked but keep trying , 'Man' its not the same with out him ,THIS IS BLACK SABBATH..ICome on Man!!

Being a member of my "Uncle Ozzy's" site I was suppose to be informed about the artwork event. Then why the f*** I did not receive any e-mail regarding this? Am I a f***ing peasent who is unacceptable by the "Working Class Heros"?????

much bettter can be done for OZZY artwork

wow great !!!

Will there B ART N HEAVEN? Yes. Really? How do U know? "Our Father Who ART N heaven.." Who art? Mine!! Lol


eu tambem queria ter ganhado?

Ozzy make another art contes

Please do another art contest !!!!!

Hey OZZY!!! I'm definitly a winner to announce when it cums to artwork, got a camera big boy!!! :)

United States