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Ozzy.com Artwork Contest – Winners Announced

Here are the five winners of the Ozzy.com artwork contest! Each of these sharp-eyed fans identified the artwork correctly and will receive a free prize package with the Ozzy "Believer" 7" picture disc and "Ozzy Live" 2LP, both of which were made exclusively for Record Store Day. The winners are:

  • Bart S.
  • Rob M.
  • Dean R.
  • Neal T.
  • Teresa K.

If you are one of the winners, you will be contacted at the email address that you provided to confirm your eligibility (see official rules). Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated!

Ozzy Believer 7-inch picture disc  
Ozzy Live 2LP

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Wicked Habit - Tommy Wright: Vocals, Brian Roberts: Guitars, Huddie Behrens: Bass and Vocals, Steve Lentini: Drums and Rick Lentini: DJ Wicka. Hailing out of O.C., "Wicked Habit" was picked to open by Great White out of a couple hundred demos and they came out smoking. "Steal on Me" and "Sick Jacket" were a couple of hard core rockers and although the crowd didn't strike me as a hard core crowd they certainly got into it. The crowd really went nuts when Tommy the vocalist pulled off a great "Ozzy" on a Sabbath cover the last tune "I Bleed". If you feel the need to acquire a Wicked Habit of your own then call 913-742-3350 tommy wright

ja też chcę konkursów , bo mam szczęście !
Ozzy jesteś najlepszy z najlepszych !!!

Thanks to Ozzy and Sony for the prize pack, it arrived today!!!

Ah, I wish I'd known about this! Please make more Ozzy art contests in the future for SOMETHING cuz I will win!!!!!

crap I didn't win I spent the whole weekend feeling I had a chance what a crock of s*** :o(

United States