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Rolling Stone Gives 'Blizzard Of Ozz' Four Stars!

Make sure to pick up the June edition of Rolling Stone to check out the great review on Blizzard Of Ozz! Expanding on the dark and vivid images that present themselves in such timeless tracks as "Suicide Solutions" and "No Bone Movies", the review features a touching praise to the late great Randy Rhoads.

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Oz's solo debut rides crazy train with Randy Rhoads Not yet heavy metal's Homer Simpson, Ozzy Osbourne in 1980 was nonetheless an elder statesman. But on his solo debut, the locomotion of "Crazy Train" proved indelible; explorations of alcoholism ("Suicide Solution") and Satanism ("Mr. Crowley") courted controversy; and the porn-addict rehab "No Bone Movies' matched metal's proggier, punkier younger bands. This remaster (issued simultaneously with 1981's Diary of a Madman) highlights rhythm section tracks, and stands as a tribute to fallen Randy Rhoads, whose guitar symphonics majestify both the proper album and three bonus live cuts.

By Chuck Eddy
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Although I would not go to the extent of many of the purported "fans" of Randy Rhoads in deifying the man (for Gods sake); creating portraits of him with angel wings, and living off the dotted line "fame" of being (fill in the blank, a sibling, neighbor, friend, etc), I do think he was a brilliant guitarist that was taken too early and in tragic circumstances.

Anybody who is on Facebook or any of the social media websites knows exactly the kind of "fan" sites I speak of. It's really sickening the degree of weirdness that goes on there. Seriously. Some wacked out people for sure.

I miss hearing Randy playing and Ozzy singing together. That's for sure. I was mad at Ozzy in those years for not being with Sabbath, but I still heard him with Randy and did love Randy's playing alot. I was just holding out for a Sabbath reunion.

Frankly, the left-wing political magazine that calls itself a music mag is a HUGE joke.

Who cares what that idiotic pulp paper says.

For all Ozzy's fans, we love you Ozzy! Long live the man with the winking dimples and flashing peace signs! ,,\/, ,\/,,

Gotta admit that Daisley has shown very clearly that he will do anything on the planet to make a buck and not stop even when it's well past sanity to do so.

Even to the extent of posting on Ozzy's site under pseudonyms, visiting and smearing Ozzy press releases, and so forth. He and his little bandwagon of 3 cronies need to STFU for Gods sake and get over themselves.

For those of us "REAL" fans? f*** OFF BOB DAISLEY.

Totally agree with the last post. Why is "You Said it All" not including in this remaster version? Very disappointed that the song wasn't included. There is a great solo by Randy on that song. This package is not complete in my opinion. It should include all songs that the band recorded in this time period. God bless you Ozzy, you are the greatest!

These remasters should be the definitive versions, but the song 'You said it all' is not available on either the Blizzard or Diary re-issues. Sharon should make sure that it is available in the future as a bonus digital download on iTunes and Amazon.
The omission of 'YSIA' is thought to be a glaring mistake from the Ozzy camp by many fans including this one here.

Sharon, I hope you're read this...