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Thanks, From Ozzy!

Thanks to my Canadian fans, radio and Sony Music Canada for making Let it Die #1 at Active Rock.

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I know I would get it from ya if I got lucky at it with ya!!! :)

I am one of your Canadian fans Ozzy! If you can just be a part of <a href="">Coronation Street</a> . Everyone would be glad to see you!

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Hey Ozzy i like your all songs and every performance, and i want to your autograph, but how can i get it, please do something for me, i will really very thankful for you.
<a href="">Acai Lipo</a>

Ozzy, add Miracle Man to the 2011 tour set list! PLEASE!! thankyou, you are the greatest!

Oh, and I forgot to add a couple things. Thank you, Ozzy, for writing the song Shot In the Dark. That and many other of your songs have inspired a lot of my artwork.
A fan forever, dude.

I don't care WHAT the kids at my school say, Ozzy is and will be the best music artist ever. Music like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber don't have the soul I feel in songs by Ozzy like Dreamer, See you on the Other Side and Psycho Man. Modern music's focus is sex, drugs and swearing. Ozzy is here to entertain his fans with his music. And I was shocked when I found out that MTV did NOT include Ozzy in the list of Artist of the Year or any nominations for that matter. Who got it? Who else? A pop artist who looks like a skank. I only make friends that like at least 3 of Ozzy's songs.

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My grandaughter Ria is 17 blind and has cerebal palsey,,,, She knows all the words to your songs and if a true fan.... One of the treasures she has from her parents before the died, is old black sabbath albums... I've purchased 4 tickets to your Feb 12th concert in Michigan, but I don't know how to purchase back stage tickets so that Ria could actually meet you.... Please help me make Ria's dreams come true..... Bev

Hyia You All

Could You, OZZY, contact me... please?!

This is not a joke, I´d like to contact you, as soon as possible...

Many thanks from Brazil

United States