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As for one being in school & being a head-banger, life was anything but easy to say the least. When I was in high school in the early 80’s, it was almost unbearable the chastising one would get for listening to lets say a artist such as Ozzy, Metallica, & especially the infamous unholy of the unholiest, “Slayer”! Some people either out of fear, or as I like to think pure stupidity didn’t even begin to understand the early hard-rock/thrash metal movement back in what I like to call “The prehistoric 80’s”, or never dared to factor the thought of the effect it may have had on ones own individuality, hell even their spiritually for that matter.

I was habitually called a freak, a dork, and was repeatedly threatened with violence on more than a few occasions for my taste in music, but now it being 20 plus years after the fact, I feel it is I who has been vindicated, it is I who is having the satisfaction of getting the last laugh. Why? Because most of the bands that were popular in my teenage days are nothing but a mere blur, a blip on the big radar screen known as music. Almost all the bands I took a beating for liking have gone on to be legendary bands, like Metallica, Slayer, & Mr. Osbourne to name a few.

So it is I who say to you all, never fear to be yourself, find your own individuality & run with it. Don’t ever fall victim of what is the popular stance in music, art, or the media. I have to admit I am at times almost like a proud poppa, its great to look back and to realize that I was right about so many bands, so many times, its only in retrospect that I regret not going to school to be a producer, or a manager in the music biz. I now know all these years later that maybe I had that spark, or the eye to pick out greatness in a band or artist. So I guess I have only but one great regret in my life. And with that said folks let me tell you it’s been nothing short of an endless void of darkness in my life, that I have only been able to fill with the help of all the great musical artists that I have loved, & followed all these fine years.

With Ozzy filling in the most of course!

Thanks Ozz!


<cite>"Being sober on a bus is, like, totally different than being drunk on a bus."</cite> - <strong>Ozzy Osbourne</strong>