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my god the whole day was phenominal!!! i got to the walk of fame farely "early" so i was quite close. i was the guy with long curly brown hair, BLS T-shirt, constantly shouting as loud as i could!!! The walk of fame was cool, but no whr near as mind blowing as ozzy was later on at the NIA! i was pretty much right at the front ( only one person infront of me ) and i was infront of ozzy himself! every time he threw buckets of water on us i would get a direct hit right in the face and it felt so good! just wht you need whn your sweatin buckets with hundreds of other sweaty guys surrounding you!!!!

Zakk blew me away as well, wht a beast!!!!! one of the best guitarists EVER!!!!

wht did everyone else think of the first band on headspace? the front man had one hell of a voice!!!