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Ozzy Song, Never on Itunes

If anyone Pre-ordered Black Rain on itunes it said that they got an exclusive song thats name was on the lines of Love, Hate, Love the Hate or sumthin like that. If any1 has that song plz tell me.



I have heard Black Rain on itunes. I really love his songs and I am a big fan of Ozzy. They Rock !!!


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Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)

I am a big fan of Ozzy. I really love his songs and his personality. It is really sad that I can not find and download his songs on iTunes. I have that I am collecting all information about him on my iPhone. I hope that in the future I could download his songs and new albums into my phone. Thanks a lot for the great blog Ozzy, it is always interesting and attractive for me. I will be waiting for other interesting news about you and I will be waiting for other great your songs.


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That anonymous was me, i forgot to log in

Hello All - Ozzy Fan Since '81 and I've been on the Crazy Train ever since !!!!
Can Anyone help me get a copy / download of Love To Hate. I have virtually every song that Ozzy has done since going solo, including the Nightmare and I Can't Save You Songs, but Love To Hate still eludes me. I would be very grateful to anyone that could send me that song or tell me where I might be able to download it. I have searched the net and itunes, etc - no luck at all. Any help from anyone would be great.
Thanx - Ozzy Osbourne IS Heavy Metal !! Please email me if you can help - bretprange@hotmail.com

yea i have all 3 of the bonus songs

Do u hav any of those songs?wat are the songs called?

Nightmare, Love To Hate, and Can't Save You...yes i have them all

Can u e mail them to me, my adress is hockeyfreak9456@aim.com

Try to get them to me soon plz.