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no surprise here- NMT!

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of all time... thats a tuffy! lol. and he'll probably make more albums but so far i would have to decide between Diary of a Madman and Blizzard of Ozz.

Blizzard of Ozz was my first Ozzy album I even had it before any Sabbath album.... (I only got into Sabbath after I loved Ozzy as a solo artist. as weird as that may sound!!) So it has a lot of meaning to me.... so its pretty damn hard to choose! but you have my input!! =)

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Blizzard baby, you KNOW it makes sence!!
Old rockers come and go, but not Oldman Double O

haha yes it does onmysix..... yes it does.

hehe!! ;)

The more I see, The less I know.
The more I like to let it go.
[snow : RHCP] :)

y the hell would someone ask that? every person in there right mind knows that nothing is better than blizzard of oz. i mean come on, randy, ozzy, both together on the crazy train. come on

We all know it's Blizzard followed by Diary, or maybe the other way round for some, but after that, mmm, well I'd have to go No Rest for the Wicked, love that album, and loved the tour, saw the band 3 times on that tour, ahhh great memories.
No Rest For The Wicked

If I had to list my favorite to least favorite Ozzy albums, it would be the following
1.) Blizzard of Ozz
2.) No More Tears
3.) Diary of a Madman
4.) Black Rain
5.) Bark at the Moon
6.) Ozzmosis
7.) Down to Earth
8.) No Rest for the Wicked
9.) The Ultimate Sin

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To me it's "TRIBUTE". I love every Ozzy album, but hearing him and Randy together live is amazing.

yeah, i would hae to say that, for me, the best is...
1) Diary
2) No more tears
3) No rest for the wicked
4) Blizzard
5) Ozzmosis

Diary of a Madman or No More Tears...can't decide, love them all too much.
Black Rain is awesome too...another great achievement!
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