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RARE Ozzy Osbourne Leather Watch Memorabilia up for ...

Hey all,

First off, if my posting this offends anyone, I do sincerely apologise. I'm new to all this.

I‘m an Ozzy fan, but I wouldn't label myself as "hardcore".

Recently, I entered a competition to win one of the Limited Edition Nixon Watches, produced with the help of celebrities and something they owned/donated with the proceeds going to a charity called "MusiCares" - helping people in the music industry affected by Drug and Alcohol problems. (Great Cause)

Anyway, I've won the watch! Made using black leather pants donated by Ozzy!

1 of only 30 produced in the WHOLE world.
Super rare.

I am interested in selling my watch. As the 30 watches produced are each one-of-a-kind, my watch band is black but a little different to the one in the picture from the link above.

It comes in a lovely case, which I've only opened once to take a few HQ photos, and it comes with a Certificate of Authenticity etc and a letter congratulating me from Nikon Australia.
I won't be opening it again until I buy myself some white gloves to touch handle it correctly.

I can provide a few HQ pics if desired.

I live in Australia, and am a genuine, honest person, and would love a TRUE Ozzy Osbourne fan to have this once in a lifetime piece of history.

I'd love to give the opportunity for an Ozzy fan to purchase.
If you or someone you know would be willing to contact me, I'd be most very grateful.

I can assure you that if anyone does wish to buy my Ozzy watch, that they will be purchasing a genuine, very special piece of Ozzy memorabilia.




How much is this kind of watch?Its not that i love ozzy but the watch is really cool!

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You're in Australia? I'm in New Zealand. How much do you want for this watch?

Hi :)

At the moment, I'm just taking offers.

You can email me if you'd like for a pic of the watch