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West Palm Beach

Yo! I'll be heading down from Atlanta for the tour's closing show in West Palm. I may end up with extra tickets so holla if you are planning to do the show!



I may have spare tix also. I bought 2 copies of Black Rain.

Hey dude, is Ozzy not going to be here in Atlanta or what? I gotts ta know.

Live Nation's admins must be the biggest retards on the planet.


got my tix sec 2

Man 4 and 1/2 hour wait to get sec 4. Missed it by that > < much. Wonder why so patchy since i was on at 9 sharp and others got tix faster that went later so i read.Still much closer than the G/A lawn. Anybody else hit floyd a few weeks ago at the sound advice or been there before??? If you have not you are in for a great night. the sound system in that place is amazing. I have not been hunting around too much though because i am going to Bonnaroo in Tenn. soon but i'm curious since West Palm is the last show on the tour if there are any rumours about surprises and such? Does anyone know if the whole family shows up for then end show or anything like that or maybe sabbath will do something. I was supposed to go to a Ozzfest back when i lived in new york, the one that was cancelled. I had my bracelet and was poised to get the tix but the cancellation killed it and i couldn't go. First time i'm seeing Ozzy so i'm curious as to what the inside scoop is. Seems like he's the type of guy to go above and beyond at all costs for all shows but with this tour my hopes are high for a spectacular end. Any ideas??? Still cant belive i been listening for so long and it's my first Ozzy show.

i feel gipped. everywhere i read, pre-order the cd to get first chance at tickets. had plans on going anyway. but my tickets sucks. im all the way in the back away from the stage. section 5, row DD. but you can bet your bottom dollar i will be down front by time ozzy gets on stage.

I'm preparing for the party now. Gotta get my tolerance up to Olympic levels by August.

The original cheese whiz.

Saturday morning 4:45am i got section 8 row M.It could be worse!

The year after I move out of West Palm and f***ing ozzfest is going there. Somebody shoot me.
I kept hearing that metal is dead and Ozzy's dead and people that like Ozzy are dead. I have never had an empty seat. I've always sold out, so who's saying it's all over?-Ozzy Osbourne

#1 thing... we LOVED the Ozzfest Show in West Palm Beach and I Must say, it was worth the wait in the hot sun and the sunburn.

However: My son attended Ozzfest in West Palm Beach on August 30th. He is learning disabled (High Functioning Autism) so we had hoped for him to be treated right but he had a problem when purchasing merchandise at the concert.

He purchased quite a few shirts that he saved up $$$ for months and it seems the vendor shorted him 2 shirts. He did not notice until later because of the crowds and the woman stuffed everything in the bag so fast w/o even letting him look over everything, took his money and walked away without ever looking back at home and the crowds pushed him away pretty fast so they could buy their merchandise as well.I had told him that once he got his stuff, to keep in the bag so it would not be stolen as people can tell he is not your "normal" person when they meet him.

He kept the bag on his arm the rest of the day, yet when I picked him up and took him to the hotel, he unpacked the bag and found that she never put 2 of the shirts into his bag. It seems that he was missing a medium Black Ozzfest 2007 shirt and an XXL Hatebreed (destroy everything 07) tank/B-Ball shirt. Considering it took him weeks to save up over $200 he spent on shirts, you can imagine his heartbreak.

I have NO idea if anything can be done but I can tell you that I was at the concert later in the day and they tried to short me one shirt and overcharge me on most of the items I purchased even though the prices were listed on each item. (Such as trying to charge me $35 for shirts marked $25 and so on).

I understand that an Autistic person should have had someone with him to ensure he got what he was supposed to get and I can ensure you that his cousin was with him at the time, but even he told me that the vendor never really let them check everything before shoving the items in the bag and she did walk away from them and ignore them once they were served and she got his cash.

I know he had begged me for several years to take him to this show and because of his disabilities I waited until he was older (age 22) after this experience he was very upset that he would be "ripped off" to where I do not know if I can get him to attend another event. It took me years of working with him in order to get him to the point of dealing with crowds and he has always loved OZZY.

well i need one please e-mail me back thanks tom javatom@aol.com

Anyone hear bout how we get tix to Ozzfest yet?