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Ozzfest at Sleeptrain

First time I've ever got to go to Ozzfest, this was truly an experience. I LOVED IT!!!!! My brother, his wife, my son and his wife, my husband and my 10 year old granddaughter all got to go.
Can't wait for next year, planning to go again.

Ozzy kicked ass just like he always does (as my granddaughter said "he was OZZSOME). I could have stayed there and listen to Ozzy sing for hours. Zak's guitar solo was mind blowing it was so good.


OZZY RULES!!!!!!! Devore , he kicked ass!!!!!!!!! ZAKK tears it up. RHANDY LIVES!! Allways loyal to what I feel in my heart. The loyalty will allways remain,and the trinity of life forever and a day.