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There's been alot of anger.

You know it ain't easy! OZZY tore it up and he's here to stay.


Anger gets no-one nowhere. If people want to bash Ozzy let it go. We all know that they are all nuts. We know the truth. There are people in this world that have nothing better to do than try to make others lives miserabe. If your a real hard core Ozzy fan, It takes about a half a day to put a person in your past deep deep deep to where they are out of mind alwasy.... Those guys that do that to us or to Ozzy have no life. They want the life that we do. Carefree and happy. Fun and Rocking. It is wild but we get things done....

Ozzy rocks, rolls, and will always rule...... ;)

Goodbye To Romance

Saw you in Wembley arena 19th June 07 You were sooooooo amazing!
L x

even tho you may think that the new video was bulls***. i dont care. Ozzy is the man. and every video that he makes in the future will be so much rocking that you will not understand like i really dont understand what i just said.

I Vant to suck your blood.....said the Penguin

Anger is an energy!

You know I feel the same way. We are blessed to be able to even still have this talented icon around. With the years of his life that he spent abusing himself, at which time he was kicking ass anyways. People have to move on in their lives, and although it may not hold a candle to the days of old, it is still OZZY, and if you don't like it blow it out your ass. Don't be angry it only beats oneself down.

I'm out..........Joanie

I like you're attitude Joan Girl. My hats off to all the loyal fans that have kept a positive outlook on OZZY'S behalf. Too many people want to ridicule the one I admire the most. OZZY is a living legend and can still rock with the best of them.


can you guys please help me make the people on understand this?! that place is filled with ozzy haters, and i'm getting really tired of them....
R.I.P Randy Rhoads

Right on war pig, tell the blabbermouths to shut it!!!!! Tired of all the hating going on. Live life love learn the ways of the OZZY loyalists. Stand tall and be true to those we hold dear in our hearts. R.R