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I hope Ozzy does read all of your postings. I've never had the opportunity to experience Ozzy in a small venue, but I have been to more than one of his shows. I currently hold tickets to this years Ozzfest and given what I've heard, I'm probably going to pass. How can we enjoy the master at work when we're having to worry about our safety (ie. forum postings regarding violence at some of this years Ozzfest shows). I was going to take my daughter who has loved Ozzy since she was a baby. Unfortunately, I'm not willing to risk her safety, even for Ozzy. Maybe in the near future Ozzy and Sharon will be able to schedule an old-fashioned tour. I'll be first in line and more than willing to pay $30 a ticket for it. It's really sad that in order to give free tickets, Ozzy and Sharon had to subject his fans to a bunch of bands I've barely heard of with psycho Nazi fans. I know that Ozzy can't control what kind of fans show up at the show, but scheduling bands without a maniacle fanbase would have been a good start.
Peace and Love and long live the Ozzman.