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My Ozzy tat, got it earlier this year!

ozzy tat.JPG


It looks EXACTLY like the photo of Ozzy that I picked. A few people have said it didn't look like him, UNTIL they saw the photo of him a chose for the tattoo artist - Then they're gobsmacked, as it looks EXACTLY like the photo. My tattoo artist is an award winning artist, not only in New Zealand but overseas. She has NUMEROUS amounts of awards and trophies for her work! I'm very wrapt with the outcome of it, and that's ALL that matters to me, afterall it is MY ink! She has done ALL my tats and I would not go anywhere else!

But thanks for your input anyhow lol

Hey I'm all for anybody who loves Ozzy Because I love Ozzy ! But dude the Tattoo You got doesnt look Like Ozzy, & I would know because I'm a Tattoo artist and I have a Ozzy Tattoo myself and I have Ozzy on my fingers done in Iron Rod writting and in colors, Black, the same color red as this add. it looks out of this world dude. but I know how it is trying to show how much you love Ozzy. and I'm sure to you ,your tat is the best. I dont mean to put it down, its nice.

this is such an amazing dedication to ozzy. the artist is amazing. great work.

Looks great! A wonderful dedication that is!


very nice!