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OK I am not putting this up on the board but you guys need to answer your emails..... You will be amazed........ Love Always ;)

Ozz I am glad your feeling better....... That scared a lot of us.......


hey ozzy and sharon,i am 45 years old and have been a huge fan since i was9 years old .i own every album cd you ever put out.some of them 3 or 4 copies.even that crap SPEAK OF THE DEVIL.i am of the old school where i prefer to buy the cd and give the artist his$ not download it for free. when you buy the cd you get the liner notes the credits,the thank yous and sometimethe lyrics.this held hostage to the internet is total bulls***!if i am going to buy the cd the least you could do is put the notes and credits in the time i guess i'll just pirate the cd like everyone else does.that is if it is worth listening have the greatest guitar player alive and you use that computer generated crap and ruin the are better than that!! ered1962

ered1962 Greatest guitar player alive? Hmmmmmmmmm well let's see. I think Tony Iommi, Kirk Hammett, Randy Rhodes (not physicall alive but his music sure is), Jimmy Page, Jimmy Hendrix (again not physically alive but music is far from dead), Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satraoni, Eric Clapton... OMG I can't type any more.... Angus Young???? I think Zack is a wonderful guitar player but Ozzy has had the best all along....... As for the CD...... I wondered about that as well...... What I DO like about that CD is you can actually understand the words much better because his voice is so much clearer.......

Love you all.................
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Check my emails??
I did.. :( Nothing exciting..